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GuideReviews Index - page 3

Horse Racing's Top 100 Moments
by Blood-Horse Staff. While you may not agree with the order, you can't deny the importance of the 100 events that were selected. A definite must-have for any racing fan.

Silver Dreams
Silver Dreams by Sondra Rice Newman. An interesting novel set in the world of throughbred racing where a woman searching for herself finds meaning and the winner's circle with a one-eyed gray gelding.

The Great Match Race
When North Met South in America's First Sports Spectacle by John Eisenberg. An enjoyable narrative treatment of the historic 1823 match race between Eclipse and Henry at the Union Course in New York.

Professional Care of the Racehorse
A Guide to Grooming, Feeding, and Handling the Equine Athlete by T.A. Landers. An excellent book for anybody who owns a horse or wants to work at the track.

The Power of Early Speed
by Steve Klein. A very comprehensive work on handicapping speed horses with lots of charts and statistics to aid you in handicapping this angle.

A Fine Place to Daydream
Racehorses, Romance, and the Irish by Bill Barich. A great first-hand look at the Irish steeplechasing scene through the eyes of an American, showing how different the two countries are and how racing continues to thrive in Ireland.

The Triple Crown Handicapper 2006
by Jim Mazur. An excellent publication for anybody wanting to bet the tough Triple Crown races, or for newer horseplayers wanting to learn more about the use of angles and biases when selecting their horses.

Review - Horses for Courses: An Irish Racing Year
An Irish Racing Year by Anne Holland. A wonderful tour of all the Irish racecourses with detailed descriptions and photos for each. Great for anyone planning a trip or just wanting to take an armchair visit.

Review: Champions
The Lives, Times, and Past Performances of America's Greatest Thoroughbreds (revised edition) by the staff of Daily Racing Form. This invaluable reference provides not just a decade by decade history of racing since 1900, but the past performances of all the annual champions.

Review - Bold Ruler by Edward L. Bowen
by Edward L. Bowen. The final book in the Thoroughbred Legends series covers the champion racer who is better known today as the sire of Secretariat.

Review - Money Secrets at the Racetrack
by Barry Meadow. A must-read for anybody who considers themselves a good handicapper but has been unable to fully profit from their skills due to poor money management.

Review - Ride of a Lifetime
by Sandy Hawley and Perry Lefko. An excellent biography of one of the all time great jockeys and an all-around nice guy.

Review : After the Finish Line: The Race to End Horse Slaughter in America
The Race to End Horse Slaughter in America by Bill Heller. Every racing fan should read this so they fully understand the issues behind the fight to ban the current inhumane method of slaughtering of horses.

Review: Handicapping the Wall Street Way
Picking Xtra Winners at the Track by Mark E. Ripple. A veteran stockbroker and horseplayer shows how he applies theories from the securities investment game to horse racing.

Review: Diary of a Dream
My Journey in Thoroughbred Racing by George Rowand. An excellent book for any racing fan considering entering the racehorse ownership business either alone or in a partnership.

Book Review: Crushing the Cup 2005
A review of 'Crushing the Cup 2005: The Handicappers' Guide to Breeders' Cup XXII' by Jim Mazur and Peter Mallett.

Review: '2005 American Racing Manual'
Edited by Paula Welch Prather. The original stats Bible of racing, it is an invaluable resource for research in many areas and belongs in the personal library of any follower of thoroughbred racing.

Review - Dead Heat
by William Murray. In his final book, he takes us to the backside of Santa Anita for a mystery about a female jockey with a dicey past.

Review: Race Day - A Spot on the Rail
Book review of Race Day: A Spot on the Rail by Max Watman

Review: Suffolk Downs (Images of Sports Series) by Christian Teja
Entertaining and enlightening walk through racing history that takes you from opening day in 1935 to the present. Includes over 200 black and white photos from Seabiscuit to Funny Cide.

Review - The Authoritative Guide to Betting Thoroughbreds
by staff and correspondents of the Blood-Horse. An excellent introduction to racing for anybody who wants to involve themselves in betting with simple to understand lessons that help a newcomer have some success right away.

Review - Insider's Guide to Horseracing
by T.A. Landers. Explains this great sport to the raw beginner so that they won't feel so lost the first time they go to a racetrack.

Review: Betting on Horse Racing for Dummies
Betting on Horse Racing for Dummies by Richard Eng. An excellent book for any newcomer to the game of horse race wagering. Shows that watching and wagering on horse racing can be an enjoyable, relaxing, stimulating, and profitable experience.

Review - Horseplayers: Life at the Track
By Ted McClelland. A look at the hardcore horseplayers of the Chicago circuit and how they got caught up in the trap of trying to make a living wagering on the horses.

Review: Derby Day: A Pop-Up Celebration of the Kentucky Derby
Written and illustrated by Pamela Pease. Great for kids or as a decorative item for your Derby party.

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