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Breeders' Cup World Championships: The First 25 Years

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Breeders' Cup World Championships: The First 25 Years DVD

Breeders' Cup World Championships: The First 25 Years DVD

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The Bottom Line

The Breeders' Cup World Championships, the brainchild of breeder John R. Gaines, was first run in 1984 at Hollywood Park. From that sunny day in California to last year's rain-soaked affair in New Jersey, racing history was made in those first 24 editions. The Horsephotos team along with Breeders' Cup Limited put together some of the best still images which captured those special moments for this 32-minute video montage.


  • Covers every Breeders' Cup race run from 1984-2007
  • Photos take you back to those moments when racing history was made
  • Slide show includes some of the most striking Cup photos around


  • At times the production appeared rushed, easily could have been longer
  • More description needed rather than just naming the race and the winning horse


  • The DVD consists of three components.
  • The main section is a video montage of 32 minutes length.
  • Narrator John Campbell quickly names the race and the horse that won.
  • For viewers wanting more, an additional "slide show" is included.
  • This 7 minute feature consists of photos that weren't in the main video
  • These images are shown full-frame rather than pan-and-scan, mostly scenic shots and people pictures rather than action
  • A 10 question trivia game completes the package.
  • This was not interactive, but instead plays back similar to trivia games seen at sports bars.
  • At 6 minutes in length, this would be fun to try before or after the main video, with a group of racing fans.

Guide Review - Breeders' Cup World Championships: The First 25 Years

The main video runs continuously with each running starting off with some photos of the host track. These were usually picturesque scenic shots such as the Twin Spires of Churchill Downs, the palm trees of Gulfstream Park, or the San Gabriel Mountains that form the backdrop of Santa Anita. Narrator John Campbell lists off each race winner as photos of that race are displayed on the screen, while an orchestral soundtrack plays quietly in the background. Generally each race is given a shot of the start or elsewhere during the running, several angles of the finish and then the winner returning to the winner's circle. The editors selected photos that captured the essence of the moment, showing the jubilation of the jockeys and trainers.

Followers of racing history will feel they are being brought back in time, to when Cigar completed his perfect 10-for-10 season in 1995, when Personal Ensign defeated Winning Colors in the 1988 Distaff to retire undefeated, and of course European champion Arazi romping home in the 1991 Juvenile. However, this reviewer feels that the production appeared rushed, and that the video could have been doubled in length to include more photos and more verbal description of each race. In many cases Campbell simply named the race and the winner with no comment as to who else was in the race or the manner by which the race was won.

This DVD should be enjoyed by most racing fans, as it is a nice compact record of the first 24 years of the Breeders' Cup. Although this is a still-photo montage, perhaps future editions could incorporate some video, and definitely more in-depth coverage of each running should be included rather than rush through them.

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