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Book Review - Ten Steps to Winning

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Ten Steps to Winning

Ten Steps to Winning by Danny Holmes

The Bottom Line

Newcomers to the sport of racing and specifically the pari-mutuel pools face the tough task of developing a successful selection strategy and then wagering those selections using sound money management. Sadly, many racing fans fail to excel at either. In his latest book, professional horseplayer Danny Holmes reveals his successful system, simple for any player with a reasonable bankroll to employ and profit from right away.


  • A simple, elegant, and successful handicapping system, perfect for new fans
  • Easy to read style, unlike many "textbook"-style handicapping books on the market
  • Addresses money management, a key component of success at the track


  • Veteran handicappers will not learn any new angles in this book


  • Danny Holmes is a long-time horseplayer based in Southern California.
  • Using the system taught in this book, he was able to hit a $132,000 Pick 6 at Del Mar.
  • Contrary to popular belief, one does not need a complicated system to cash at the windows.
  • Newcomers to the betting wars can learn a lot from this book.

Guide Review - Book Review - Ten Steps to Winning

To the casual observer, the road to riches at the betting windows is a successful selection system. If you can't pick a winner you won't cash any tickets. Many feel that they need all sorts of advanced mathematics to arrive at a winner. Danny Holmes turns that myth on its head, with his very "quick and dirty" method which eliminates non-contenders to narrow down the field, and then which sorts those remaining horses further, pinpointing the horses likely to hit the wire first. The final elimination step takes into account race distance, surface, and class, since turf routes are an entirely different game from dirt sprints. Having made his or her selections, the next step is to back those selections up with money. Holmes teaches two money management techniques, a basic one to give the newcomer a feel for the technique, and then an advanced one which increases the investment and the profits. It was this latter system that netted Holmes his "perfect day" at Del Mar, where he cashed on every race plus hit the Pick 6. Holmes is a big proponent of discipline and not being "too greedy". Once your profit goal for the day has been earned, walk away. This avoids the all-too-common refrain of "I was up but I gave it all back at the end." Bettors looking for a magical formula for the trifecta or superfecta need to look elsewhere, as Holmes refuses to play such exotics, instead preferring the basic win and exacta bets and multi-race wagers like the Pick 3.

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