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Review: Using Impact Values To Select Breeders' Cup Winners

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Using Impact Values To Select Breeders'

Using Impact Values To Select Breeders' Cup Winners by Stanley Caris

American Turf Monthly Publications

The Bottom Line

American Turf Monthly columnist Stanley Caris presents this convenient volume on how to apply impact values to the Breeders' Cup World Thoroughbred Championships. Bettors looking for an added edge at Lone Star Park on September 30th can use Caris' angles to find hidden gems and possible longshot scores.


  • Very easy for any fan to read, understand and apply right away
  • Handicapping angles easy to find in the Daily Racing Form and in pedigree searches
  • Caris will email or fax you his Breeders' Cup selections two days in advance


  • Would not be a good read for fans who do not partake in wagering


  • Caris draws from all facets of racing to come up with his winning angles.
  • Examples include dosage profile, sirelines, final 1/4 mile times, Timeform and Beyer speeds, etc.
  • For each Cup race he devises a checklist of which angles are most successful.
  • Each angle scores 1 or more points based on its impact value.
  • Total number of points for a horse determines its chance of winning the race.
  • Each race gets its own chapter and its own checklist.
  • What works for the Sprint obviously does not work for the Turf, for example.
  • While some Cup races are known to be chalky, Caris' angles could point at a longshot for the exotics
  • However, if the horse with the most points is going off at long odds, it may be time to crush.

Guide Review - Review: Using Impact Values To Select Breeders' Cup Winners

Stanley Caris of American Turf Monthly magazine has long been known as the master of the impact value. His encyclopedic knowledge of literally hundreds of angles have been used by he and his followers to cash some huge bets at the Triple Crown and the Breeders' Cup. The premise is simple. The impact value is a quantitative measure of how often an angle fires when compared to the total number of starters who satisfy that angle. For example, an impact value of zero never wins, a value of 1 holds no advantage, and a value of 2 wins twice as often as chance alone would dictate. Both professional and recreational handicappers, regardless of bankroll, can gain a better understanding of how to pick Breeders' Cup horses after reading Caris' work. And unlike in his Triple Crown work, for the Breeders' Cup he uses angles which can be easily calculated using a Daily Racing Form and a basic online pedigree search, so these can be easily applied "on the fly" with minimal effort. For just $39.95, this is a great value that could more than pay for itself at Lone Star Park.
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