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The Triple Crown Undercard Handicapper 2007

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Triple Crown Undercard Handicapper 2007 by Jim Mazur

Triple Crown Undercard Handicapper 2007 by Jim Mazur

© Progressive Handicapping Inc.

The Bottom Line

During the Triple Crown season, many bettors will turn to Jim Mazur's Triple Crown Handicapper, one of two flagship products of Progressive Handicapping Inc. New last year and renewed in 2007, Mazur compiled the logical companion to that work. Triple Crown Undercard Handicapper applies many of the same strategies and techniques to the undercard races on Triple Crown racedays, an additional weapon to use in the pari-mutuel wars with large betting pools of recreational money to create overlays. A great tool especially for multirace exotics like the Pick 3 and Pick 6.


  • The undercards of the Triple Crown races can be very profitable indeed
  • Detailed analysis by Mazur, just enough information to help you single the winners
  • An invaluable tool for players of multirace bets like the Pick 3 and Pick 6


  • New handicappers need to read Mazur's other books first to familiarize themselves with the strategy


  • Multi-race bets on big race days often pay boxcars.
  • If you can key a middle or long priced horse in a race, there is potential for a huge payoff.
  • The best case scenario would be to include the Kentucky Derby as one of the races in a Pick 3 or Pick 4 sequence
  • The race before the Kentucky Derby, the Woodford Reserve Turf Classic, averages a $17 win mutuel.
  • Obviously a Pick 3 or 4 including the Woodford and the Derby should be a target of every bettor that day
  • Some races, by their design, are "chalky"; for these it may be best to single the favorite in a Pick 3 or pass the race
  • This is a useful tool for anybody who bets on the Triple Crown races and like to get in on the action earlier in the day.

Guide Review - The Triple Crown Undercard Handicapper 2007

Although the focus of the racing world is on the Kentucky Derby, Preakness, and Belmont, the undercard stakes events are also important, and in the case of the Derby and Preakness, the Friday before is also a big race day, with the Oaks and Black-Eyed Susan cards. These are all rich, graded stakes races with top horses from around the country shipping in, like the main event. The undercard races are contested over a variety of distances contested over both dirt and turf with age and gender restrictions, so the player can play to his or her strengths. And like the main event, these races have the same "recreational money" bet into the pools by infrequent horseplayers who may overbet the favorites (false or otherwise) and increase the payouts when longshots come in.

Like he does in his flagship books, for each of the subject races Jim Mazur includes the list of recent winners with trainer, jockey, post position, track condition, win payoff, running time, and the average field size. He then includes a short write-up on the winning profile for that stakes race, a winner's profile chart, Beyer records for the winners, a point-form list of key handicapping factors, running style summary, Beyer patterns, post position stats, and the DRF past performances for the last ten winners.

With so many races analyzed in one book, he cannot give the same attention to detail as the main events get in Triple Crown Handicapper, so he narrows down all the data to what is most useful to picking the winners. With this in mind, new handicappers may want to familiarize themselves with Mazur's techniques in Triple Crown Handicapper or Crushing the Cup first, as this book is mostly statistical and does not have the detailed instructions and background information as in the flagship publications.

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