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Kentucky Derby 133 Review

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Kentucky Derby 133 Review

Kentucky Derby 133 Review from Churchill Downs

Moonlight Press

The Bottom Line

Every year, fans spend millions of dollars on overpriced Kentucky Derby collectibles. "Kentucky Derby Review", the latest addition to this already overcrowded roster, is an exception. This year is the second in the series and Street Sense is featured in a well-made book with over 120 color photographs taken by Kinetic Corp., Churchill Downs' official photographer and archivist. There is just enough text to guide the reader while he or she enjoys these very striking images. Fans of Street Sense, the Kentucky Derby, or just horse racing in general will enjoy this memento of the 133rd Derby.


  • An excellent photographic memento of Kentucky Derby 133
  • A fitting tribute to the first Breeders' Cup Juvenile winner to also take the Derby
  • Unlike most annual collectibles, this one should appeal to all racing fans


  • Price is a bit high at $35


  • The Tradition: historic photos and hats
  • The Spectacle: Photos of the 150,000-plus crowd from the rowdy infield to historic shots.
  • The Queen: this was the first time the Queen of England has attended the Derby.
  • The Oaks: A brief look at Rags to Riches victory in the Kentucky Oaks.
  • The Walk: The long walk from the stables to the paddock via the clubhouse turn is as legendary as the race itself.
  • The Paddock: The Derby entrants saddle in Churchill Downs' tiny paddock surrounded by throngs of fans.
  • The Parade: The huge crowd sings My Old Kentucky Home as the field steps on the track. Includes shots of each jockey.
  • The Race: Photos from many angles covering every stage of the race plus some historic shots for comparison.
  • Lucky 7: Brief looks at the Derbies of 1957, 1967, 1977, 1987, and 1997.
  • Official: Biographies of his connections and the official race chart.

Guide Review - Kentucky Derby 133 Review

In Thoroughbred racing, no prize is as sought as the Kentucky Derby trophy. For owner James Tafel, trainer Carl Nafzger, and jockey Calvin Borel, dreams came true on the first Saturday in May of 2007 when Street Sense finished in front at Churchill Downs, adding their names to the list of legends that have graced the special winner's circle.

Churchill Downs Inc., Moonlight Press, writer John Asher, and official photographers Kinetic Corp. attempt to capture some of the magic of the day in this series, started just last year. From over 120 photos, you get a lot of behind-the-scenes footage and interesting angles, the result of the collaborative effort of Kinetic's 19-person team of photographers on hand. Some are large pictures that span two pages, but all are high quality and a pleasure to view. Most of these are shots you will not have seen before anywhere and truly give you the feeling of being there. A new section was added called "Lucky 7" featuring the Derbies of 1957, 1967, 1977, 1987, and 1997. The book ends with bios of his jockey, trainer, and owner plus the official chart of the race.

Although the price is high relative to the number of pages, this is one of the best mementoes around for Derby 133, and with just 5000 copies printed, it's definitely an item for the racing fan or collector to have in his or her personal library.

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