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Book and Product Reviews

The Garrett Gomez Story
A review of the book 'The Garrett Gomez Story: A Jockey's Journey Thorough Addiction and Salvation' by Rudolph Alvarado with Garrett Gomez. The story of the popular jockey, from his beginnings in the southwest to his current success.

Dick Francis's Bloodline by Felix Francis
A review of the book 'Dick Francis's Bloodline' by Felix Francis. A new horse racing mystery by the son of the great racing fiction writer that carries on his tradition well.

Finished Last at Folkestone by John Norbury
A review of the book 'Finished Last at Folkestone: One Man's Ambition to Visit all 60 UK Racecourses' by John Norbury A personal account of his trips to all 60 tracks in England from the viewpoint of a fan and owner. Not a travel guide, more of a travel diary of his experiences.

The Sport of Kings and the Kings of Crime by Steven A. Riess
A review of the book 'The Sport of Kings and the Kings of Crime' by Steven A. Riess about the the early history of horse racing in New York and the involvement of oranized crime.

Kinane by Anne Holland
A review of the book 'Kinane: A Remarkable Racing Family' by Anne Holland. The story of the famous Irish family of horsemen, from patriarch Jim down to the recently retired champion rider Mick, regular rider for Coolmore for many years.

Peter Pan by Jessica Owers
A review of the book 'Peter Pan: The Forgotten Story of Phar Lap's Successor' by Jessica Owers about the 2009 Saratoga race meet.

Six Weeks in Saratoga by Brendan O'Meara
A review of the book 'Six Weeks in Saratoga: How Three-Year-Old Filly Rachel Alexandra Beat the Boys and Became Horse of the Year' by Brendan O'Meara about the 2009 Saratoga race meet.

Horse Racing's Most Wanted: by David L. Hudson Jr.
A review of Horse Racing's Most Wanted: The Top Ten Book of Derby Delights, Frenetic Finishes, and Backstretch Banter by David L. Hudson Jr.

Saratoga Race Course
The August Place to Be by Kimberly Gatto. An excellent history of the almost 150 year old track in upstate New York which only runs a short summer meet but has some of the highest quality racing in America. Everyday the "Spa" draws thousands of eager fans who with to see and be seen at the historic facility.

Dancer's Image
The Forgotten Story of the 1968 Kentucky Derby by Milton C. Toby. Examines the legal battle and other happenings around his disqualification from the Kentucky Derby. Should he really have lost the title?

Sham: Great Was Second Best
A Brave Bay's Rivalry with the Legendary Secretariat by Phil Dandrea. A biography of the 1973 Triple Crown runner-up who could have been the superhorse had he been born any other year.

Greatness and Goodness: Barbaro and His Legacy
by Alex Brown. An in-depth look at popular but ill-fated Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro and the impact his injury had on fans, the people associated with him, and advances in equine health and welfare. With 164 color photos, this is a book any racing fan would enjoy.

Review: Beyond the Homestretch
What Saving Racehorses Taught Me About Starting Over, Facing Fear & Finding My Inner Cowgirl' by Lynn Reardon.

A Racing and Breeding Tradition: The Horses of the Aga Khan by Kim…
A review of 'A Racing and Breeding Tradition: The Horses of the Aga Khan' by Philip Jodidio.

Affirmed: The Last Triple Crown Winner by Kim…
A review of 'Affirmed: The Last Triple Crown Winner' by Lou Sahadi.

Shedrow a novel by Dean DeLuke
In the first fiction work by New York racehorse owner Dean DeLuke, successful surgeon Anthony Gianni finds himself a mob target when his Triple Crown contender Chiefly Endeavour is killed for insurance money.

Lord of Misrule by Jaimy Gordon
Lord of Misrule by Jaimy Gordon. This award-winning slice of life novel portrays the gritty, downtrodden life on the backstretch of a minor league track in the 1970's.

Thoroughbred Breeding: by Dr. Matthew Binns and Tony Morris
A review of Thoroughbred Breeding: Pedigree Theories and the Science of Genetics by Dr. Matthew Binns and Tony Morris.

Triple Crown Handicapper 2010
by Jim Mazur. An excellent publication for anybody wanting to bet the tough Triple Crown races, or for newer horseplayers wanting to learn more about the use of angles and biases when selecting their horses.

Churchill Downs: America's Most Historic Racetrack by Kimberly Gatto
A review of 'Churchill Downs: America's Most Historic Racetrack' by Kimberly Gatto.

100 Magic Moments of the Turf by Graham Roe
A review of '100 Magic Moments of the Turf' compiled by Graham Roe.

Learning by Example by Judy Wardrope
A review of 'judy wardrope conformation thoroughbreds race horses body language horse race horserace horse racing horseracing race track cindy pierson dulay' by Judy Wardrope.

The Plate: 150 Years of Royal Tradition
by Lou Cauz and Beverley Smith. An excellent history, in both words and pictures of the Queen's Plate, Canada's version of the Kentucky Derby and the oldest continually run stakes race in North America.

Even Money by Dick and Felix Francis
Even Money by Dick and Felix Francis. This latest book from the father and son team of racing mystery writers revolves around a small-time English bookmaker whose life gets turned upside down when he is implicated in a murder.

Crushing the Cup 2009
The Handicapper's Guide to Breeders' Cup XXVI' by Jim Mazur and Peter Mallett. An excellent publication for anybody wanting to bet the tough Breeders' Cup races at Santa Anita Park and for newer horseplayers wanting to learn more about the use of angles and biases when handicapping a race.

Betting Thoroughbreds for the 21st Century
The Complete Guide to Handicapping Harness Races by Steve Davidowitz. This third edition of his classic handicapping book has been completely updated to include such new innovations as synthetic surfaces, enhanced past performance data, foreign shippers, and new racetracks. A useful book for any handicapper.

The Untold Story of Joe Hernandez
The Voice of Santa Anita by Rudolph Valier Alvarado. An excellent biography of the one of the best race callers of all time, recommended for all race fans.

Harnessing Winners
The Complete Guide to Handicapping Harness Races by Dave Brower. A great introduction to the very different world of handicapping the trotters and pacers for those considering branching out from betting the Thoroughbreds.

Off to a Flying Start
Horsing Around the Language by Bill Tivenan and Cassandra Cook. This new book explains the origins of over 60 terms used in everyday language that originally came from the sport of horse racing.

The Training Game
An Inside Look at American Racing's Top Trainers by Karen Johnson. An entertaining look at eight top thoroughbred trainers, how they got started, their methods, and more. A well written book that should be of interest to any horse racing fan.

The Triple Crown Handicapper 2009
by Jim Mazur. An excellent publication for anybody wanting to bet the tough Triple Crown races, or for newer horseplayers wanting to learn more about the use of angles and biases when selecting their horses.

Kentucky Derby Greatest Moments DVD
A great new DVD from Churchill Downs with video from 27 different runnings along with interviews, photos, and historical info which any racing fan should enjoy.

Global Racing
The Complete Guide to the Greatest Foreign Racecourses by Alan Shuback. A comprehensive guide to 42 of the top racecourses around the world with info about betting horses from them, sending horses to race there, and travelling to them for their top races.

Cajun Racing
From the Bush Tracks to the Triple Crown by Ed McNamara. Cajun horsemen have been perennial leaders in North American Thoroughbred racing. Learn about the unique, horse-centered environment in Cajun country of Louisiana, and some of the prominent families whose names grace the racing news pages and result charts.

Tropical Downs
A Novel of Peril and Misadventures in Search of the Elusive Automatic Bet by Mark Cramer. Horse racing fans and mystery fiction lovers alike will enjoy this well-written story revolving around shady dealings in the creation of a racetrack in Bolivia with some handicapping thrown in on the side.

Trip Handicapping DVD
Watching Thoroughbred Race Replays by Dan Illman. Any veteran horseplayer or even a new fan who wants to learn more about what to look for in a race would enjoy this DVD, the first video entry in DRF Press' Elements of Handicapping series.

Breeders' Cup World Championships: The First 25 Years
by HorsePhotos.com. A new DVD that is put together with a montage of still photos and narration showing highlights from the first 24 years of Breeders' Cup which any racing fan should enjoy.

Bet With The Best 2: Longshots
by Editors of the Daily Racing Form. This second installment builds on knowledge gained in the first book by focusing on uncovering longshot plays.

Betting Synthetic Surfaces
Author Bill Finley has put together a very useful work to allow horseplayers who have been leery of handicapping races over synthetic tracks to develop the ability to analyze these races effectively.

Crushing the Cup 2008
The Handicapper's Guide to Breeders' Cup XXV by Jim Mazur and Peter Mallett. An excellent publication for anybody wanting to bet the tough Breeders' Cup races at Santa Anita Park and for newer horseplayers wanting to learn more about the use of angles and biases when handicapping a race.

Betting the Kentucky Derby
How to Wager and Win on America's Biggest Horse Race by Dean Keppler. Breaks the task of handicapping the Derby into easy to understand strategies that any bettor at any level of play can implement.

Kentucky Derby Glasses Price Guide
A Comprehensive Guide to Collecting Kentucky Derby Mint Julep Glasses and Shot Glasses edited by Judy Marchman. This new 2008 edition is an invaluable tool for anyone who collects Derby, Preakness, Belmont, or Breeders' Cup glasses and shots. Photos of everything included so you can ID glasses you find.

My Guy Barbaro
A Jockey's Journey Through Love, Triumph, and Heartbreak with America's Favorite Horse by Edgar Prado with John Eisenberg. Jockey Edgar Prado tells about his special bond with Barbaro and how the whole experience affected him.

Kentucky Derby 133
This new annual coffee table book is the definitive collection of photographs from Street Sense's Kentucky Derby victory in 2007. Definitely recommended to any Street Sense or Kentucky Derby fan, but any racing fan would enjoy it.

Fix Six by Noel Michaels
by Noel Michaels. This novel brings up just about every crooked thing ever done in racing and weaves it into an interesting and humerous work of fiction.

Melbourne Cup 1930
How Phar Lap Won Australia's Greatest Race by Geoff Armstrong and Peter Thompson. Covers the four intense days preceding the infamous race, during which time a drive-by shooting was attempted after morning workouts.

Expert Handicapping
Winning Insights into Betting Thoroughbreds by Dave Litfin. Revised and updated to take into account new innovations in racing such as Polytrack, horseplayers of all types can benefit from this "old classic" that has been modernized.

May The Horse Be With You
Pack at the Track by Harvey Pack with Peter Thomas Fornatale. Fans of Harvey Pack and of New York racing in general will thoroughly enjoy his memoirs, covering his involvement in the NYRA scene for the last 50 years.

Crushing the Cup 2007
by Jim Mazur and Peter Mallett. This annual stats bible for the Breeders' Cup World Championships is highly recommended.

2007 Horseplayers Expo Collector's Edition DVD Set
This 5 disc set includes over 18 hours of handicapping lessons from some of the best handicappers around.

Kelso: The Horse of Gold
by Linda Kennedy. A fitting tribute to one of Thoroughbred racing's all time greats and its only 5-time Horse of the Year. Kelso dominated American racing during the 1960's and no horse before him or since has matched his accomplishments on the track.

The Triple Crown Undercard Handicapper 2007
by Jim Mazur. A detailed analysis of the stakes races on the undercards of the Kentucky Oaks, Kentucky Derby, Black-Eyed Susan, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes. Using his system of knocks, non-contenders can be eliminated and profitable multi-race bets including the Triple Crown race can be constructed.

The Triple Crown Handicapper 2007
by Jim Mazur. An excellent publication for anybody wanting to bet the tough Triple Crown races, or for newer horseplayers wanting to learn more about the use of angles and biases when selecting their horses.

Greatest Kentucky Derby Upsets
by the staff of Blood-Horse Publications. This new book covers 12 of the biggest upsets in Derby history in detail from Elwood in 1904 to Giacomo in 2005.

Memoirs of a Longshot
A Riproarious Life' by W. Cothran 'Cot' Campbell. The life story of the charismatic head of Dogwood Stable from his humble beginnings to organizing the first large scale racing partnership. A very entertaining read.

Kentucky Derby 132 Review
This new annual coffee table book is the definitive collection of photographs from Barbaro's Kentucky Derby victory last year. Definitely recommended to any Barbaro fan but any racing fan would enjoy it.

The Best and Worst of Thoroughbred Racing
The Best and Worst of Thoroughbred Racing by Steve Davidowitz. An entertaining and sometimes humerous look at the last 3 decades in racing from the high moments to ones we might rather forget. Definitely recommended for any racing fan.

Trainer Angles
Maximizing Profits using Formulator and Advanced Trainer Stats by Dean Keppler. This is a great book for horseplayers who already use or want to start using the free Formulator software from DRF.

Man O'War: A Legend Like Lightning
A Legend Like Lightning by Dorothy Ours. An excellent new biography of the great Man O'War with an emphasis on his racing career and connections.

After the Finish Line
The Race to End Horse Slaughter in America by Bill Heller. Every racing fan should read this so they fully understand the issues behind the fight to ban the current inhumane method of slaughtering of horses.

Against the Odds: Riding For My Life
By Jerry Bailey with Tom Pedulla. This is a very up-close and personal look at the life of arguably one of the greatest jockeys of all time.

by Eva Jolene Boyd. A gripping story about an undersized colt who could have easily been put down and never heard of because of an injury as a yearling, but who overcame this to become a Triple Crown winner.

The Abstract Primer of Thoroughbred Racing
Separating Myth from Fact to Identify the Genuine Gems & Dandies 1946-2003 by Richard Sowers. An excellent history book that uses standard races to aid in comparing horses and jockeys from different eras.

The Agua Caliente Story
Remembering Mexico's Legendary Racetrack by David Jimenez Beltran. A labor of love that presents the rich history of a track that is almost forgotten today despite being the birthplace of such things as safety helmets, the pick six, and more. You should read this one.

American Classic Pedigrees (1914-2002)
by Avalyn Hunter. A massive book covering the careers and breeding of every Classic winner. Recommended for anyone who wants a better understanding of where the Thoroughbred breed came from, how it has developed over the years, and what the future possibly holds.

2005 American Racing Manual
Edited by Paula Welch Prather. The original stats Bible of racing, it is an invaluable resource for research in many areas and belongs in the personal library of any follower of thoroughbred racing.

2004 American Racing Manual
Edited by Paula Welch Prather. The original stats Bible of racing, it is an invaluable resource for research in many areas and belongs in the personal library of any follower of thoroughbred racing.

2003 American Racing Manual
Edited by Steve Davidowitz. If you are looking for statistics on speeds, Beyer figures, wagering, auctions, track records, or just about anything else statistical regarding horse racing you can imagine, it is likely in this book. Strongly recommend for all racing fans.

Ascot: The History
by Sean Magee with Sally Aird. Ascot's importance in racing is without question due to the many superstars both equine and human throughout its history. This book is a necessity for any racing fan's library.

The Authoritative Guide to Betting Thoroughbreds
by staff and correspondents of the Blood-Horse. An excellent introduction to racing for anybody who wants to involve themselves in betting with simple to understand lessons that help a newcomer have some success right away.

The Best of Thoroughbred Handicapping
Leading Ideas and Methods by James Quinn. Quinn demystifies the art of handicapping for profit, and he makes plain even the most advanced ideas and methods of the experts. Highly recommended.

Bet with the Best
All new strategies from America's leading handicappers including Beyer, Brohamer, Crist, Davidowitz, and more

Betting on Horse Racing for Dummies
by Richard Eng. An excellent book for any newcomer to the game of horse race wagering. Shows that watching and wagering on horse racing can be an enjoyable, relaxing, stimulating, and profitable experience.

Betting on Myself: Adventures of a Horseplayer and Publisher
by Steven Crist. A great autobiography of Daily Racing Form publisher Steve Crist. Strongly recommended to all racing fans, especially handicappers and bettors whose lives have been made easier thanks to this man.

Betting Maidens & 2-Year-Olds
Analytical Approach to Future Winners by Dan Illman. Shows how to make these seemingly unplayable races easier with several methods to weed out the winners from the losers.

Black Maestro by Joe Drape
The Epic Life of an American Legend by Joe Drape. The story of Kentucky Derby winning jockey Jimmy Winkfield and the struggles he went through to become one of the greatest horsemen in history.

Blind Switch
An excellent fiction debut performance by Daily Racing Form's Midwest correspondent John McEvoy. Racing fans of all stripes will enjoy how McEvoy artfully weaves true-life incidents into his mystery tale of race fixing and horse killings.

The Blood-Horse Authoritative Guide to Auctions
by staff and correspondents of the Blood Horse. This book is strongly recommended for those who want to get into ownership at some point and those who wish to learn about the auction market, which a mystery to most fans.

Blood Horses: Notes of a Sportswriter's Son
A review of 'Blood Horses: Notes of a Sportswriter's Son' by John Jeremiah Sullivan. A study of the relationship between men and horses, both at the races and beyond, combined with a tribute to his late father's career as a turfwriter.

Bold Ruler
by Edward L. Bowen. The final book in the Thoroughbred Legends series covers the champion racer who is better known today as the sire of Secretariat.

The Byerley Turk
The Incredible Story of the World's First Thoroughbred' by Jeremy James. The story of one of the 3 foundation sires of the Thorughbred breed that is more suited to history buffs than racing fans.

The Calumet Collection
"A History of the Calumet Trophies" by Judy Marchman and Tom Hall. Finally, a book documenting part of their wonderful collection plus biographies of some of Calumet's greatest horses.

The Lives, Times, and Past Performances of America's Greatest Thoroughbreds (revised edition) by the staff of Daily Racing Form. This invaluable reference provides not just a decade by decade history of racing since 1900, but the past performances of all the annual champions.

Citation: In a Class by Himself
A great tribute to Triple Crown winner Citation by one of his biggest fans, former Arlington track announcer Phil Georgeff. Strongly recommended to all racing fans, especially history buffs.

Crushing the Cup 2006
by Jim Mazur and Peter Mallett. With the Breeders' Cup returning to Churchill Downs for the 6th time, this annual stats bible should prove even more useful than ever. Highly recommended.

Crushing the Cup 2005
by Jim Mazur and Peter Mallett. Back for its 14th year, this is the ultimate guide to handicapping the Breeders' Cup. Highly recommended.

Crushing the Cup 2004
The Handicapper's Guide to Breeders' Cup XX1 by Jim Mazur and Peter Mallett. An essential tool for anyone trying to handicap the Breeders' Cup races.

Dark Horses
Following in the footsteps of racing mystery writers Dick Francis and John Francome, retired trainer and turf writer John W. Russell makes his fiction debut in Dark Horses, a story inspired by actual events that have occurred in recent racing history.

Dead Heat by William Murray
by William Murray. In his final book, he takes us to the backside of Santa Anita for a mystery about a female jockey with a dicey past.

Dead Man's Touch
by Kit Ehrman. An entertaining mystery set at a fictional racetrack in Maryland. Although the main story is a crime drama, the real star to many racing fans will be the realistic picture it gives of the hard life most backstretch workers endure.

Del Mar Racetrack
Del Mar Racetrack by Kenneth M. Holtzclaw and the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club. This latest in the "Images of Sports" series takes you on a photographic tour of the history of beautiful Del Mar with over 200 vintage photographs.

Derby Day: A Pop-Up Celebration of the Kentucky Derby
Written and illustrated by Pamela Pease. Great for kids or as a decorative item for your Derby party.

Diary of a Dream
My Journey in Thoroughbred Racing by George Rowand. An excellent book for any racing fan considering entering the racehorse ownership business either alone or in a partnership.

Dream Race
The Search for the Greatest Thoroughbred Race Horse of All Time by Robert Clark. A unique blend of art and history that presents match-ups between some of the greatest horses of all time.

Exotic Betting
by Steven Crist. Not how to handicap, but how to use your handicapping skills to cash in on high paying exotic bets.

by Eva Jolene Boyd. Exterminator, known affectionately as "Old Bones" is one of the great "iron horses" of all time. He carried weights as high as 140 pounds, over distances of up to 2 1/4 miles. Excellent biography of a grand old champion.

A Fine Place to Daydream
Racehorses, Romance, and the Irish by Bill Barich. A great first-hand look at the Irish steeplechasing scene through the eyes of an American, showing how different the two countries are and how racing continues to thrive in Ireland.

Finished Lines
A Collection of Memorable Writing on Thoroughbred Racing edited by Frank Scatoni. This collection of classic racing articles is highly recommended for any racing fan.

The Autobiography of Frankie Dettori by Lanfranco Dettori and Jonathan Powell. An entertaining, informative look into the life and times of a world class jockey.

From the Desert to the Derby
"Inside the Ruling Family of Dubai's Billion-Dollar Quest to Win America's Greatest Horse Race" by Jason Levin. Strongly recommended for all fans of racing.

First Time Starters: An Investigational Report
In his new book, New York educator and handicapper Daniel DiPleco attempts to remove the fear of handicapping maiden races, exposing some very useful angles on how to find a first time starter who will win at first asking.

From Aintree to York: Racing Around Britain
Racing Around Britain by Stephen Cartmell. A great book for anyone wanting to go to the races in the UK or just to learn more about racing there.

Go for the Green
Turf Racing Made Easy by Bill Heller. If you like to play turf races, you should read this book.

Go Very Highly Trippingly To and Fro/The Stretch Run
by Raymond DeCapite. Although billed as racing fiction, it isn't really and may be too literary in style for most racing fans.

Great Women in the Sport of Kings
America's Top Women Jockeys Tell Their Stories edited by Scooter Toby Davidson and Valerie Anthony. This interesting little book gives an in depth look at the lives of the current top female jockeys from childhood and how they became interesting in racing through the present.

Graveyard of Champions
Saratoga's Fallen Favorites by Bill Heller. Analysis of Saratoga's notorious jinx for heavy favorites brought to life in an entertaining series of historical narratives.

The Great Match Race
When North Met South in America's First Sports Spectacle by John Eisenberg. An enjoyable narrative treatment of the historic 1823 match race between Eclipse and Henry at the Union Course in New York.

Handicapping 101
Finding the Right Horses and Making the Right Bets by Brad Free. This is an excellent book for the novice handicapper in particular, but is also valuable for long-time racegoers intending to significantly increase their level of play or wanting to brush up on their handicapping and betting techniques.

Handicapping Contest Handbook (2nd edition)
by Noel Michaels. This update to the 2003 edition is over 100 pages longer with expanded listings and more info.

Handicapping Contest Handbook
A Horseplayer's Guide to Handicapping Tournaments' by Noel Michaels. Essential resource for the handicapper wanting to make the transition from pari-mutuel to contest play.

Handicapping for Bettor or Worse
A Fresh Perspective for Betting the Races by John Lindley. Written in easy to understand terms and allows those who may have become too accustomed to one method of handicapping to see what other methods are used.

Handicapping the Wall Street Way
Picking Xtra Winners at the Track by Mark E. Ripple. A veteran stockbroker and horseplayer shows how he applies theories from the securities investment game to horse racing.

Homestretch: A Celebration of America's Greatest Tracks
by Nancy Stout with foreword by Jerry Cooke examines 15 racetracks across North America.

The Home Run Horse
Inside America's Billion-dollar Racehorse Industry And The High-stakes Dreams That Fuel It by Glenye Cain. Going behind the scenes, behind the product on television and at the track, Cain examines racing's billion-dollar backbone, and the pains by which owners try to breed or buy a "home run horse", one that brings immense long-term profit. Highly recommended.

Horse of a Different Color
"A Tale of Breeding Geniuses, Dominant Females, and the Fastest Derby Winner Since Secretariat" by Jim Squires. An entertaining account of the events that lead to Monarchos becoming the Kentucky Derby winner in 2001.

Horse Racing Coast to Coast: The Traveler's Guide to the Sport of King
The Traveler's Guide to the Sport of Kings by Michael Walmsley and Marlene Smith-Baranzini. A great book for anyone planning to travel to an out-of-town race track in North America.

Horseplayers: Life at the Track
By Ted McClelland. A look at the hardcore horseplayers of the Chicago circuit and how they got caught up in the trap of trying to make a living wagering on the horses.

Horse Racing's Holy Grail
"The Epic Quest for the Kentucky Derby" by Steve Haskin. Recommended for new fans wanting to learn some recent Derby history or planning to bet the Derby.

Horse Racing's Top 100 Moments
by Blood-Horse Staff. While you may not agree with the order, you can't deny the importance of the 100 events that were selected. A definite must-have for any racing fan.

Horse Racing: A Humorous Look at the World of Horse Racing
by Charles S. Hellman and Robert A. Tiritilli. This short volume is great for when you need a quick laugh, to leave on your coffee table, or as bathroom reading. Any racing fan will appreciate the humor in it and will enjoy it, so it would make an excellent gift too.

Horse Sense
An Inside Look at the Sport of Kings by Bert Sugar and Cornell Richardson. An entertaining and humorous look at the sport from a non-insider's point of view. Highly recommended!

Horses for Courses: An Irish Racing Year
An Irish Racing Year by Anne Holland. A wonderful tour of all the Irish racecourses with detailed descriptions and photos for each. Great for anyone planning a trip or just wanting to take an armchair visit.

Horses of the Kentucky Derby
If you love racing and the Derby, you need a copy of this CDROM. Pictures, histories, video, and more for all the winners through Monarchos in 2001.

Insider's Guide to Horseracing
by T.A. Landers. Explains this great sport to the raw beginner so that they won't feel so lost the first time they go to a racetrack.

Kentucky Derby: Run for the Roses
Book review for 'Kentucky Derby: Run for the Roses' by Bill Doolittle, from your About.com Guide

The Kentucky Mint Julep
by Colonel Joe Nickell. Although small, this book presents information you will find no where else about the mint julep, including over 20 recipes. Perfect for mint julep fans who want to learn more about the official drink of the Kentucky Derby.

The Kingmaker: How Northern Dancer Founded a Racing Dynasty
How Northern Dancer Founded a Racing Dynasty by Avalyn Hunter. An excellent look at probably the most influential stallion of the 20th, from his ancestors to the track to his descendents.

Legacies of the Turf
A Century of Great Breeders by Edward L. Bowen. An excellent reference book for racing history buffs and students of pedigree which can also help new fans understand racing's rich history.

Legacies of the Turf: A Century of Great Breeders (Vol. 2)
by Edward L. Bowen. An excellent reference book, especially for racing history aficionados and students of pedigree which can be of help to new fans as well as veterans.

Letters to Seabiscuit
by Barbara Howard. A great collection of old fan letters sent to Seabiscuit and his owners that were saved for all these years by the Howard family. Gives you a true insight into just how popular and inspirational he was at the time.

Man O'War
by Page Cooper and Roger L. Treat. Out of print for decades, this is a wonderfully detailed version of the story of the original Big Red that every fan should read. Highly recommended!

Money Secrets at the Racetrack
by Barry Meadow. A must-read for anybody who considers themselves a good handicapper but has been unable to fully profit from their skills due to poor money management.

The Moneymaker
A hand-held "computer" for quickly handicapping races off the Daily Racing Form or track program past performances.

My Racing Heart
"The Passionate World of Thoroughbreds and the Track" by Nan Mooney. Strongly recommended for all fans of racing who value the human-interest side of the sport.

Native Dancer
The Grey Ghost, Hero of a Golden Age by John Eisenberg. Strongly recommended to all fans of racing especially those who enjoy learning about racing history. Paints a picture of racing's glory era, a time many fans today wish they could have experienced.

Off the Charts
Turning Result Charts Into Profitable Selections at the Track by Nick Borg. A useful book for learning how to do chart analysis to make selections rather than relying on the past performance lines.

Old Friends: Visits With My Favorite Thoroughbreds
A great new book by Barbara Livingston revisits in words and photos many horses, both famous and not so famous, in their old age. Gorgeous photos and excellent historical essays.

Pedigree Handicapping
by Lauren Stich. This book does an admirable job introducing the novice to intermediate handicapper to the art and science of pedigree handicapping.

The Perfect Ride
An excellent autobiography of jockey Gary Stevens. You get not only a taste of what it's like to be a jockey, but insights on some of the best horses and trainers of the past twenty years.

The Power of Early Speed
by Steve Klein. A very comprehensive work on handicapping speed horses with lots of charts and statistics to aid you in handicapping this angle.

Professional Care of the Racehorse
A Guide to Grooming, Feeding, and Handling the Equine Athlete by T.A. Landers. An excellent book for anybody who owns a horse or wants to work at the track.

Racehorse Breeding Theories
by Frank Mitchell. Breeding can be as risky as betting, but the theories explained here may make it easier to understand how you can come up with a champion.

Race Day
by Max Watman. Any racing fan will enjoy this tour across the country and across history, learning about the people and the horses that have made the sport what it is today.

Racing to the Table
A Culinary Tour of Sporting America by Margaret Guthrie. Recipes for your favorite race track food interwoven with historical and cultural information about the tracks they come from.

Rascals and Racehorses
Gives racing fans a look into the colorful characters that add much to the entertainment value of the sport of Thoroughbred racing. New and long time fans of racing alike will find this book's steady stream of anecdotes to be very difficult to put down.

Ride of Their Lives
The Triumphs and Turmoil of Today's Top Jockeys by Lenny Shulman. A interesting look at the life stories, both on and off the track, of fourteen of the best riders in North America.

Ringers & Rascals
The True Story of Racing's Greatest Con Artists' by David Ashforth. These true tales of the shadier side of racing are a very interesting read for all fans.

Rock of Gibraltar
Ultimate Racehorse and Fabulous Prize in a Battle of Giants by Martin Hannan. Not just his history on the track, but the secret war that took place behind the scenes for control of his stud career.

Royal Racing
by Sean Smith. An excellent work for Royal fans and racing enthusiasts alike, especially those with an interest in the recent history of British racing.

Run, Baby, Run
'What Every Owner, Breeder, and Handicapper Should Know About Lasix in Racehorses' by Bill Heller. For those who want to understand the science behind the drug and the history of the politics that led to its use.

Saratoga Tales
Great Horses, Fearless Jockeys, Shocking Upsets and Incredible Blunders at America's Legendary Race Track by Bill Heller. Strongly recommended addition to every racing fan's personal library. Once you start reading, you won't be able to put it down until you're finished.

Saratoga: The Ultimate Racing Experience
by Frank Scatoni and Horsephotos. Loaded with history and gorgeous photos of Saratoga, this book is highly recommended for any fan of thoroughbred racing.

Seabiscuit: An American Legend
by Laura Hillenbrand. The masterpiece that launched the current wave of new horse racing books. An excellent book currently being made into a movie.

Seabiscuit: The Saga of a Great Champion
by B.K. Beckwith. This reprint of a 1940 book about the great horse gives an interesting angle on this amazing story, giving us a look at the career of Seabiscuit through the eyes of someone who followed his career as it happened. Highly recommended.

A new book by Timothy T. Capps about the ever popular Secretariat published for the 30th anniversary of his Triple Crown season. A must have for every Big Red fan's bookshelf.

Ride of a Lifetime
by Sandy Hawley and Perry Lefko. An excellent biography of one of the all time great jockeys and an all-around nice guy.

Six Secrets of Successful Bettors: Winning Insights Into Playi
Winning Insights Into Playing the Horses by Frank Scatoni and Pete Fornatale. Based on interviews with professional horseplayers and gamblers, presents the methods common to them all that lead to success.

Silver Dreams
Silver Dreams by Sondra Rice Newman. An interesting novel set in the world of throughbred racing where a woman searching for herself finds meaning and the winner's circle with a one-eyed gray gelding.

Spectacular Bid
His trainer, Bud Delp, called him "the greatest horse ever to look through a bridle." Find out more in this review of the ninth book in the Thoroughbred Legends series from Eclipse Press.

Speed to Spare
Beyer Speed Figures Uncovered by Joe Cardello. An excellent book for racing fans that wager on regular day-to-day races with simple, easy to understand explanations of the methods that anyone can follow.

Stud: Adventures in Racing
by Kevin Conley. "The Kentucky Derby is often called the most exciting two minutes in sports; Storm Cat is probably its most expensive thirty seconds." A thorough yet entertaining look at the breeding of racehorses and the people involved in the business.

Suffolk Downs
Entertaining and enlightening walk through racing history that takes you from opening day in 1935 to the present. Includes over 200 black and white photos from Seabiscuit to Funny Cide.

The 10 Best Kentucky Derbies
by Staff and Correspondents of the Blood-Horse. Well-written and easy-to-read, racing fans will be captivated by the stories of these great horses who have contributed the mystique of the Kentucky Derby.

Ten Steps to Winning
Professional Handicapping & Money Management by Danny Holmes. Offers a quick handicapping method for beginners plus excellent money management techniques any bettor can use.

Thoroughbred Racing's Greatest Day
by Perry Lefko. This is an excellent book for all fans of racing. Those who have followed the Breeders' Cup since its inception will enjoy reliving the memories of the last twenty years, while new fans will quickly earn an appreciation of how important the Cup is to racing.

Thoroughbred Times Racing Almanac
by the staff of Thoroughbred Times. This belongs on every racing fan's desk. So much useful information in such a convenient, compact form. Great bang for your buck and we strongly recommend it to everybody involved in racing.

Three Strides Before the Wire
A great new book about Charismatic's run for the Triple Crown. Gives you a look behind the scenes including biography info about his connections, especially about his ill-fated jockey Chris Antley.

The Triple Crown Handicapper 2006
by Jim Mazur. An excellent publication for anybody wanting to bet the tough Triple Crown races, or for newer horseplayers wanting to learn more about the use of angles and biases when selecting their horses.

Triple Crown Handicapper 2005
by Jim Mazur. An excellent publication for anybody wanting to bet the tough Triple Crown races, or for newer horseplayers wanting to learn more about the use of angles and biases when selecting their horses.

Triple Crown Handicapper 2004
This stats bible gives you the strategies for finding the longshot winners in the large and competitive fields that make up the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes.

Triple Crown Winner: The Earl Sande Saga
An excellent biography of riding great Earl Sande by biography specialist Richard Maturi.

Using Impact Values To Select Breeders' Cup Winners
'Using Impact Values To Select Breeders' Cup Winners' by Stanley Caris is an excellent overview of how to use various statistics to help select the winner in each Breeders' Cup race.

War Admiral
by Edward L. Bowen. This book is recommended for all racing fans who want to look back at the past. It is eye-opening to see how different racing was back then compared to today.

Win, Place and Show
Are you a new fan who is mystified by some of the terms you have heard used? Or perhaps you are a die-hard fan who has family and friends who can't understand your obsession? This nice little book is an excellent introduction to the world of Thoroughbred racing that can help.

Winning Black Jockeys in the Kentucky Derby
by James Robert Saunders and Monica Renae Saunders. An excellent work for racing fans, especially those with a strong interest in the history of the Kentucky Derby and of American racing in the late 1800's and early 1900's.

Women of the Year
Ten Fillies who Achieved Horse Racing's Highest Honor' edited by Jacqueline Duke. An excellent history of these outstanding distaffers.

Woodbine Layoffs
Detailed trainer statistics compiled over a number of years for the Woodbine trainer colony to aid your handicapping by providing proven trainer angles.

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