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Belmont Stakes Traditions


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Other Traditions
The pine tree in the paddock at Belmont Park

The paddock at Belmont Park with the 300 year old white pine on the right.

© Cindy Pierson Dulay
There are Belmont traditions that have lasted through the years. None match the age of the giant white pine in the paddock, which is is 300 years old. This tree is the basis for the Belmont track logo. The Winners Photo Gallery, on the 2nd floor of the Belmont clubhouse in the Belmont Room, boasts the photo finishes of past Belmont victors dating back to 1912. The night before every Belmont, the previous year's winner is honored at a trainer's banquet. The Belmont Charity Ball held at Meadowbrook Country Club is the climax of pre-Belmont celebrations. A new tradition, the Belmont Festival at Garden City, started in 2004.

Another new Belmont tradition which began in 1997 is the paining of the silks of the winner on a four foot tall cast iron horse and jockey on the fence around the paddock. If it is a Triple Crown winner, it is moved to a permanent position with the other Triple Crown winners on the fence.

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