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Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, Chapter 1 - Robert Louis Stevenson
`Indeed' said Mr Utterson, with a slight change of voice, `and what was that?' ` Well, it was' this way,' returned Mr Enfield: `I was coming home from some place at ...
187 Aristotle Quotes on Living Well - Ancient/Classical History
Here are 187 quotations from Aristotle related to ethics and how to live well, from ..... Some think that reciprocity is just, as the Pythagoreans said, who defined ...
Book 1: Chapter 20 - Le Morte D'Arthur - Sir Thomas Malory
Therewith he started unto the king's horse and mounted into the saddle, and said, Gramercy, this horse is my own. Well, said the king, thou mayst take my horse ...
Book 7: Chapter 31 - Le Morte D'Arthur - Sir Thomas Malory
Sir knight, said the lady, thou speakest knightly and boldly; but wit thou well the lord of this castle loveth not King Arthur, nor none of his court, for my lord hath ...
Book 3: Chapter 3 - Le Morte D'Arthur - Sir Thomas Malory
That is truth, said the king, such cries I let make, and that will I hold, so it apair not my realm nor mine estate. Ye say well and graciously, said the poor man; Sir, ...
Book 4: Chapter 8 - Le Morte D'Arthur - Sir Thomas Malory
Now I understand you well, said Accolon, I shall hold that I have promised her now I have the sword: when saw ye my lady Queen Morgan le Fay? Right late ...
18 - Kidnapped - Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894)
"Well," said he, "yon was a hot burst, David." I said nothing, nor so much as lifted my face. I had seen murder done, and a great, ruddy, jovial gentleman struck ...
poisoning the well - definition and examples - logical fallacies
"'Poisoning the Well,' said Polly, 'and stop shouting. I think shouting must be a fallacy too.'" (Max Shulman, The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis. Doubleday, 1951).
22 - Kidnapped - Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894)
"Well, then, east, ye see, we have the muirs," said Alan. "Once there, David, it's mere pitch-and-toss. Out on yon bald, naked, flat place, where can a body turn to ?
Book 2: Chapter 2 - Le Morte D'Arthur - Sir Thomas Malory
But in his heart he was fully assured to do as well, if his grace happed him, ... Well, said the damosel, ye are not wise to keep the sword from me, for ye shall slay ...
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