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World War II: Battle of Kasserine Pass - North Africa - Military History
The Battle of Kasserine Pass was the first major clash between American and German forces during World War II. Fought February 19-25, 1943, the Battle of ...
Battle of Glorieta Pass - Civil War Battle of Glorieta ... - Military History
The Battle of Glorieta Pass occurred during the American Civil War. Battle of Glorieta Pass - Dates: Union and Confederate forces clashed at Glorieta Pass on  ...
Battle of Sabine Pass II - Civil War Battle of ... - American History
Want the fast facts about the Battle of Sabine Pass II? Learn about the battle, its outcome, and its significance.
Battle of Glorieta Pass - Civil War Battle of ... - American History
Want the fast facts about the Battle of Glorieta Pass? Learn about the battle, its outcome, and its significance.
Battle of Curlew Pass - Nine Years' War Battle of ... - Military History
The Battle of Curlew Pass was fought on August 15, 1599, during the Nine Years' War. Advancing to relieve the siege of Collooney Castle, English troops led by ...
Battle of Thermopylae History - Persian Wars - Military History
In 481, Xerxes demanded tribute from the Greeks in an effort to avoid war. ... A narrow passage, with a cliff on one side and the sea on the other, the pass was ...
Battle of Greece (April 1941) - World War II
Beginning as the Greco-Italian War, the Battle of Greece initially saw Greek ... on the April 16, Wilson informed him that he was retreating to the historic pass at ...
Battle of Roncevaux Pass - Charlemagne at Roncevaux Pass
Fought in northern Spain, the Battle of Roncevaux Pass was a defeat for ... History · People Throughout Military History · Tools of War: Weapons and Equipment ...
Battle of Valverde - Civil War Battle - Military History - About.com
Short on rations, Sibley convened a council of war on February 18. ... to abandon New Mexico after the Battle of Glorieta Pass and the loss of his wagon train.
Massacre of British Army in Afghanistan in 1842 - 19th Century History
After difficult travel through the mountain passes, the British reached Kabul in April ... The First Anglo-Afghan War · Britain's Second War in Afghanistan Was ...
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