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Thoroughbred Horse Naming Rules and Requirements
All Thoroughbreds, regardless of their actual date of birth, are given an official birthday of January 1st to keep the age groups easily defined for race conditions.
Horse Identification Lip Tattoos in Horse Racing
A Thoroughbred tattoo has one letter, which indicates the year of birth, followed by four or five numbers, with horses over 25 years of age having only four.
National Thoroughbred Racing Hall of Fame - Horse Racing
National Thoroughbred Racing Hall of Fame, from your About.com Guide.
Meet the Thoroughbred - Profile and Characteristics - Horses
A breed profile of the Thoroughbred used as a riding horse, jumper or dressage horse, and a description of Thoroughbred horses.
American Major League Runner - Horses - About.com
Janice describes life with American Major League Runner. Readers describe living with a Thoroughbred. Learn about characteristics, temperament, habits, ...
How to Research Your Off the Track Thoroughbred's Pe... - Horses
Jan 8, 2010 ... A reader asked how they could research the pedigree of their off the track Thoroughbred. You'll need three things to do this, the lip tattoo numbr ...
52 Thoroughbred Horses Need Homes? - Urban Legends
OUTDATED posting claims 52 thoroughbred horses will be slaughtered unless people volunteer to give them homes. No longer true!
Understanding the Types and Classes of Horse Races - Horse Racing
These are the pinnacle of racing in North America and the top rung of the class ladder for Thoroughbred race horses. Before a race horse can get to that level, ...
Cloning Thoroughbreds? - About Horse Racing
Aug 1, 2005 ... Now that the technology is available you have to wonder who will be the first thoroughbred cloned and when it will finally happen. The biggest ...
Living with Thoroughbred Cien Oles - Horses - About.com
Gabby describes life with her Thoroughbred gelding Cien Oles who she describes as caring but sometimes stubborn. Learn what it is like living with a ...
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