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Thoroughbred Horse Racing Entries and Results
Sources for the latest entries and race results for Thoroughbred racing at race tracks in North America.
What Do Your PT, PTT and INR Results Mean? - Surgery - About.com
Aug 11, 2014 ... Find out what PT, PTT and INR blood tests are, what the results mean and what could you could be eating and doing to change the test results ...
Understanding Your Medical Test Results - Patient Empowerment
Apr 30, 2014 ... You've been put through a medical test result, and now you've got a copy of the results. They are incomprehensible - why? - because by ...
Medical Test Results - How to Prevent Unneeded Office Visits for ...
May 28, 2014 ... Not all medical test results are problematic, yet sometimes doctors expect us to return to the office to get them. It seems like a waste of our time ...
Interpreting Blood Ketone Test Results - Type 1 Diabetes - About.com
May 20, 2014 ... How to Read Blood Ketone Results: Ketone blood testing is the preferred method for assessing the presence of ketones during times of ...
What Do Your Urinalysis Results Mean? - Surgery - About.com
May 30, 2014 ... Why is your urine being examined anyway? Find out what your urinalysis results mean and how they help your doctor care for your health.
Are You Getting Results from Your Workouts? - Exercise - About.com
Aug 29, 2014 ... Are you getting the results you want from your exercise program? If not, you may need to take a look at what you're doing, and more importantly ...
How Accurate Are Your Medical Test Results? - Patient Empowerment
Jan 1, 2014 ... There are several reasons why medical test results may be wrong or inaccurate. When patients get the wrong results, they may not get the ...
What If Your Semen Analysis Results Are Abnormal? - Fertility
Jul 11, 2014 ... You've had a semen analysis, and your results are considered abnormal. Maybe your sperm count is low, or maybe your test results have ...
Spirometry Results - COPD - About.com
Sep 6, 2013 ... Spirometry results are influenced by a variety of factors. Learn more about your spirometer test and how to ensure accurate results.
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