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Void in Quebec - Why So Many Sweepstakes are Void in Quebec
"Void in Quebec" is common sweepstakes rules. Have you ever wondered why residents of Quebec are prohibited from many Canadian sweepstakes?
Battle of Quebec 1775 - American Revolution - Military History
The Battle of Quebec was fought on December 30/31, 1775, when American troops led by Brig. Gen. Richard Montgomery attempted to storm the city. Attacking ...
French & Indian War: Battle of Quebec (1759) - Military History
The Battle of Quebec was fought across the Plains of Abraham on September 13, 1759. Led by Major General James Wolfe, British forces succeeded in ...
Travel Information for Quebec, Canada - Canada Travel - About.com
Visiting the province of Quebec is a highlight of any trip to Canada. Settled by the French in the 1600s, Quebec has maintained its ties to France in that the ...
How NHL Rules Helped the Canadiens Build a Dynasty - About.com
Hockey FAQ: Is it true the Montreal Canadiens used to have exclusive rights to hockey players from Quebec?
Province of Quebec - Canada News - About.com
Quebec is the largest province in Canada. The majority of its multicultural population is French-speaking, and the province is unique in history, language and ...
Plan Your Trip to Quebec - Canada Travel - About.com
Quebec is a popular travel destination due to its unique heritage and culture plus outstanding outdoor activities, including fishing, skiing, snowmobiling and ...
Quebec City, Canada Travel Guide - About.com
Quebec City travel is steeped in history and European in flavour. The old town is the only fortified city north of Mexico in North America and is a World Heritage ...
Quebec City Attractions - Canada Travel - About.com
Quebec City attractions reflect the rich past that makes this city unique and so significant in North America. Just strolling the Old Town, you'll see bastions, ...
Incorporation Quebec - Business Registration
An explanation of the procedure for Quebec incorporation, including links to the forms necessary for registration of a Quebec corporation.
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