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How To Properly Store Old Photographs - Antiques - About.com
Learning how to store photographs for future generations means more than sticking them in an album. Learn how you can preserve your families keepsake ...
Photographs of the 20th Century - 20th Century History - About.com
A photograph is worth a thousand words - or so the saying goes. This collection of photographs will help you visualize the twentieth century.
Hand Tinting Your Photographs
A photography lesson on how to hand tint, or hand color, your black and white photographs.
Using Historical Photographs in Teaching - Secondary Education
Historical photographs, such as those from the Civil War, are awesome tools for bringing education alive for students. Find pointers for using these primary ...
5 Steps for Identifying People in Old Family Photographs - Genealogy
Old family photographs are a treasured part of any family history. Many of them, unfortunately, do not come neatly labeled on the back with names, dates, people  ...
Storing and Preserving Antique Photographs - Antiques - About.com
Keeping photographs for posterity means taking good care of them -- essentially preserving the past through photo preservation. Learn more from an expert with ...
Preservation of Color Photographs - Genealogy - About.com
This we know is true because even today we have photographs that are over 150 years old and some of them are in excellent condition. Part of this is because ...
Developing and editing of photographs - Photography - About.com
Information on developing and editing your photographs in a traditional darkroom and digitally.
Rodney Alcala - Photographs Taken by Serial Killer Rodney Alcala
The Orange County District Attorney's Office and Huntington Beach Police Department are asking for the public's help in identifying dozens of women and ...
What Causes Green Eye in Photographs
What causes green eye in photographs is a very common question. What is Green Eye Green eye in photographs actually refers to the animal version of red eye.
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