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Oscar Trivia - The Two Most Nominated Movies - Hollywood Movies
Two movies are tied for the record of most Oscar nominations. What are the two movies and how many Oscars were they nominated for? Here's your hint: "The ...
Oscar Trivia - Two Movie Trilogies Earned Best Picture Nominations
The Academy Awards honored two movie trilogies with Best Picture nominations for each installment. Which two movie franchises earned that distinction?
Oscar Trivia - The Most Nominated Director - Hollywood Movies
Answer: William Wyler holds the record for the most Best Director nominations with 12. Wyler was nominated for his work on "Dodsworth," "Wuthering Heights,"  ...
Oscar Trivia - Who Has Received the Most Acting Oscar Nominations?
Who appears to be the favorite of Academy members when it comes to handing out acting nominations? The person who holds the title just recently broke a tie ...
Oscar Trivia - Most Nominated Male Performer - Hollywood Movies
Answer: Jack Nicholson is the current champ with 12 nominations. Sir Laurence Olivier comes in second with 10 acting nominations, and Spencer Tracy and ...
Nominee List of the 84th Academy Awards - Sci-Fi and Fantasy
Two fantasy films made it into the prestige categories: Hugo, whose 11 nominations include nods for Best Picture, Adapted Screenplay, and Directing, and ...
About Catholicism Readers' Choice Awards - About.com
The readers of About.com make the nominations; each About.com Guide chooses the finalists (up to five in each category) from among the nominees; and the ...
Minnesota Oscar Nominations 2014: Actors, Writers and Directors
Minnesota is represented in the Academy Award nominations in 2014, with nominations for an actor, actress, producer and a writer, all with Minnesota ...
Supreme Court Justice Nomination and Confirmation
Article II, Section 2, clause 2 states that the President “shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint ... Judges of the ...
"Ray" is Honored with Six Oscar Nominations - Hollywood Movies
Jan 25, 2005 ... The Ray Charles biopic, Ray, starring Jamie Foxx as the legendary musician picked up six Oscar nominations including Best Picture, Best ...
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