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Music Forms and Composers of the Romantic Period
Learn more about the different music forms and how the role of composers changed during the Romantic Period.
Romantic Music Timeline: 1821 to 1900 - Music Education - About.com
Historiographers define the Romantic period to be between 1800 to 1900. It is characterized by using music to tell a story or express an idea, the use of various  ...
Romantic Period - Music from 1820 to 1900 - Classical Music
If the Classical Period is the parent, then the Romantic Period is its unruly teenager. Known for breaking the rules of Classical Period composition and structure, ...
Romantic Period Classical Music Playlist - About.com
New to classical music? Are you already a classical music listener, but would like to expand your musical horizons? Look no further! The romantic period boasts ...
Music of the Romantic Period - Early Romantic Music
Music forms, styles and composers of the Romantic period.
Romantic Music Composers - Music Education - About.com
The Romantic Period marked a significant change in the status of musicians; they became more respected and valued. As a result, many Romantic composers ...
Music Composers of the Romantic Period
During this era, there was a marked change in the status of musicians. There was an increased interest in nature and the supernatural as well as nationalism ...
Romantic Albums - Latin Music Albums Made For Romance
If you want to please the one you love, try one of these lush, romantic albums. I can guarantee you that soft hearts will melt after listening to any one of these ...
Romantic Composers/Musicians - Music Education - About.com
List of artists, musicians and composers who contributed to music during the Romantic era or whose works represent Romantic music.
Gustav Mahler - Classical Music - About.com
His romantic period symphonies became personal statements of his innermost feelings. ... Nevertheless, Mahler's musical career was extremely successful.
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