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Charitable Giving Tips for the Holidays - Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
The holidays are a great time for charitable giving. But it is also important to make sure that your hard earned dollars are donated well. That takes both generous ...
How to Build a Planned Giving Program - Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
If your organization is just getting into planned giving, realize that the time horizon is very long. It is not a quick fix to financial problems. Start by getting educated ...
What Are the Benefits of a Monthly Giving Program?
Monthly giving programs have become more popular as nonprofits realize their potential, and donors find out just how convenient they are. Monthly giving is just  ...
Perfection of Giving - Buddhism - About.com
Giving is essential to Buddhism. Giving includes charity, or giving material help to people in want. It also includes giving spiritual guidance to those who seek it ...
Planned Giving - Is Your Nonprofit Ready? - Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
Planned giving is a long term project, but any nonprofit that wants to have a complete fundraising program should get started. Think through these issues before ...
7 Types of Corporate Giving Programs - Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
There are many ways companies spread their charitable dollars. Here are seven of the most common types of corporate giving programs.
How to Use Giving Circles for Charitable Giving
Giving circles are more popular than ever. Join with neighbors, friends or colleagues to make your charitable gifts focused and more meaningful.
The Science of Giving - A Review - Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
The Science of Giving: Experimental Approaches to the Study of Charity, Daniel M. Oppenheimer and Christopher Y. Olivola, Eds, Psychology Press (2011).
How to Market Your Planned Giving Program
Planned giving has to sold. Market your program through all of your communications channels.
Millennials Bring Change to Charitable Giving
Far from self-centered, Millennials want to make a difference in the world and are changing charitable giving for the better.
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