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Definition of Foal - Horses - About.com
The meaning of the word foal as used when discussing horses or ponies.
Training and Handling a Colt or Filly Foal - Horses - About.com
What can you do with a foal? What should you train it and how much handling should it get used to? Here's an overview of what you can expect when training ...
Imprint Training Foals - Horses - About.com
Learn about imprint training, a method of teaching young foals to be handled in a way that prepares them for later training under saddle or harness.
10 Facts About Foals - Horses - About.com
Foals are cute, they're fun, and even the biggest horse was once a tiny foal. Here are ten facts about foals you might not have known.
Learn About Rotavirus in Foals - Horses - About.com
Rotavirus is a serious but treatable condition in foals. Learn about equine rotavirus, what it's caused by and how to treat and prevent it.
Pregnancy in Horses - Symptoms and Stages - About.com
Learn the basics about equine reproduction and horse pregnancy. This article explains the basics of mating, the horse gestation period and foaling.
Breyer Horses: Collect, Show and Enjoy Plastic Model Horse Foals
Ideas for young collectors interested in collecting plastic model horse foals or Breyer horses and foals.
Horse Training - What Can I Do With a Weanling? - Training and ...
Weaning can take place any time after 3 months of age although many breeders believe it is healthier for mare and foal if it is left as late as possible.
What Can I Do With a Yearling? Expert Q&A - Horses - About.com
If a horse's age is counted from January 1 breeders will try to breed mares so they foal as soon after January 1 as possible. This gives the maximum growing ...
Are You Ready to Raise a Foal? - Horses - About.com
If you own a mare, having her bred and raising a foal has probably crossed your mind a time or two. Whether you should go from idea to action requires making ...
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