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Coloring Book Pages - Foals - Horse Racing - About.com
Coloring Book Pages, from your About.Com Guide.
Moni Maker's First Baby - Horse Racing - 2/15/02
Dateline: 02/15/02. Moni Maker, two time Horse of the Year and richest female racehorse ever of any breed, delivered her first foal on February 10th. The bay filly ...
Definition of Foal - Horses - About.com
The meaning of the word foal as used when discussing horses or ponies.
Training and Handling a Colt or Filly Foal - Horses - About.com
Most of the foal's time will be spent napping, nursing and playing. As much as possible foals should spend time outside with other mares and foals. Occasionally ...
Imprint Training Foals - Horses - About.com
At birth, foals are a blank slate with little understanding that they are horses or how they should behave when being handled by humans. At this stage, they are  ...
10 Facts About Foals - Horses - About.com
Foals are cute, they're fun, and even the biggest horse was once a tiny foal. Here are ten facts about foals you might not have known.
Learn About Rotavirus in Foals - Horses - About.com
Rotavirus in Foals: If you have a mature horse, that is a horse over five months of age or more, you don't really need to worry about rotavirus as older horse are ...
Pregnancy in Horses - Symptoms and Stages - About.com
Learn the basics about equine reproduction and horse pregnancy. This article explains the basics of mating, the horse gestation period and foaling.
About Horses and Ponies Photo Gallery - Twin Foals
Twin foals Peanut and Cowboy Horse Gallery Photo. A gallery of About Horses and Ponies reader's horses' and ponies. This online album contains photos of ...
What Can I Do With a Yearling? Expert Q&A - Horses - About.com
If a horse's age is counted from January 1 breeders will try to breed mares so they foal as soon after January 1 as possible. This gives the maximum growing ...
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