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Legendary | GODZILLA
May 16, 2014 ... Pictures and Legendary Pictures present a Legendary Pictures production, a Gareth Edwards film, "Godzilla." Slated to open on May 16, 2014, ...
Los Angeles Film Festivals Calendar - Los Angeles Travel - About.com
This is a list of annual film festivals in the Los Angeles area arranged chronologically according to the information available at the beginning of the year.
DC Environmental Film Festival 2014 – Washington, DC
The Environmental Film Festival in Washington, DC features 180 documentary, feature, animated, archival, experimental and children's films from around the ...
Alexandria Film Festival 2014 - Washington, DC - About.com
The Alexandria Film Festival showcases high-quality films during a celebration of new and established filmmakers and their new or rare films. Bringing 60 new ...
Stanley Kubrick Films - Classic Movies - About.com
Kubrick's vision was unorthodox, particularly in regard to narrative structure, but he somehow managed to make highly artistic and sometimes surreal films ...
Films on Vincent van Gogh - Painting - About.com
Which is the best film ever made about the artist Vincent van Gogh? Here's my choice.
World/Independent Film - About.com
Read reviews of the best independent films from around the world. Tired of the typical Hollywood flick? Here are the best indie movies and foreign films to date.
Top War Films Used as Political Propaganda
Sometimes Hollywood makes films to tell an important story within our shared history. Sometimes its to give visual presence to an unknown story of war, or to ...
The Films of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli - Anime - About.com
The original U.S. release (as Warriors of the Wind) was infamously cut down, which left Miyazaki wary of distributing his films in the U.S. for almost two decades.
Most Historically Inaccurate War Films - War Movies - About.com
War films often double as historical lessons. This is natural. A lot of our nation's best war stories took place in our country's past. The good films, like Lincoln, do a  ...
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