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The Rules of War Films - About.com
War films are categorically unique to any other genre of cinema. And this uniqueness requires that war films have a certain moral expectation and responsibility ...
War Films - Reviews, Top Lists, Upcoming Movies & More
A site dedicated to Hollywood war films. Contains a wide variety of material from reviews and critiques, to favorite picks lists, to summaries of upcoming films and ...
Top War Films Used as Political Propaganda - About.com
Sometimes Hollywood makes films to tell an important story within our shared history. Sometimes it's to give visual presence to an unknown story of war, or to ...
Upcoming War Films (2014) - Scheduled Movie Releases
These are the war films coming to theaters in 2014 as of December 2013.
The Best and Worst War Movies About Vietnam - War Films
There have been many films made about Vietnam, America's most contentious war. As cinema is one of our culture's most prominent forms of storytelling, our ...
Best Films for German: English - German Language - About.com
Part 3: Top German Films. Which movies in English are the best ones for German -learners? A list of suggested films for teachers of German.
Legendary | GODZILLA
May 16, 2014 ... Pictures and Legendary Pictures present a Legendary Pictures production, a Gareth Edwards film, "Godzilla." Slated to open on May 16, 2014, ...
Best German Films (2) - Top 35+ Movies for German
Part 2: Top German Films. Which movies in German are the best ones for German-learners? See this list.
Top Worst War Films of All Time - About.com
There are great films, there are mediocre films, and then there are down right horrible, awful films. Here are the twelve worst war films of all time.
Best German Films for German-Learners - German Language
The Best German Films for German-Learners Die besten deutschen Filme für Deutschlernende. Which German movies are best for German-learners?
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