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Films on Vincent van Gogh - Painting - About.com
The story of Vincent van Gogh's life has all the elements of a great film -- passion, conflict, art, money, death. The Van Gogh films listed here are all quite different ...
Films at the Stone – Outdoor Movies at the Martin Luther King ...
Learn about free summer movies screened at Films at the Stone, the outdoor film festival at the Martin Luther King Memorial in Washington DC.
Upcoming Movies, New Releases, and Best of Films Lists
Info on upcoming movies, films currently in theaters or new on DVD, past theatrically released films, movie soundtracks, and Best of lists.
Best German Films (2) - Top 35+ Movies for German
Part 2: Top German Films. Which movies in German are the best ones for German-learners? See this list.
The Rules of War Films - War Movies - About.com
There are rules for war films. Certain moral expectations and responsibilities that the filmmakers have to us the film's audience. This article explains what these ...
Best German Films for German-Learners - German Language
The Best German Films for German-Learners Die besten deutschen Filme für Deutschlernende. Which German movies are best for German-learners?
Best Films for German: English - German Language - About.com
Part 3: Top German Films. Which movies in English are the best ones for German -learners? A list of suggested films for teachers of German.
The Films of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli - Anime - About.com
The original U.S. release (as Warriors of the Wind) was infamously cut down, which left Miyazaki wary of distributing his films in the U.S. for almost two decades.
Stanley Kubrick Films - Stanley Kubrick Movies ... - Classic Movies
Kubrick's vision was unorthodox, particularly in regard to narrative structure, but he somehow managed to make highly artistic and sometimes surreal films ...
Most Historically Inaccurate War Films - War Movies - About.com
War films often double as historical lessons. This is natural. A lot of our nation's best war stories took place in our country's past. The good films, like Lincoln, do a  ...
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