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How to Claim a Race Horse, Step-By-Step - Horse Racing - About.com
Most horses racing in the US run in claiming races. This means they are for sale each time they run. Claiming a horse is an easy way to get started owning ...
How to Claim a Horse
A simple How to on claiming a horse, from your About.com Guide.
Tax Laws for Claiming Dependents on Your Tax Return - Taxes
Rules on claiming a person as a dependent on your tax return.
How the IRS Audits Tax Returns Claiming Same Dependent - Taxes
Here's what to do to protect your tax return when the IRS questions whether you are entitled to a dependent someone else has attempted to claim.
Can Two Taxpayers Claim the Same Dependent? - Taxes - About.com
The way the tax laws are written, only one person can claim a dependent on their tax return. However two parents may be able to both claim tax breaks ...
Claiming Dependents: Complications in the New Tax Law - Taxes
Jan 24, 2006 ... Starting with tax year 2005, there are new rules for claiming dependents. This has caused a lot of confusion among tax professionals and ...
Claiming Head of Household Filing Status - Taxes - About.com
Taxpayers claiming the Head of Household filing status benefit from a higher standard deduction and lower tax rates than single taxpayers.
Single Filing Status - Taxes - About.com
You can claim the single filing status on your tax return if you are unmarried or " considered unmarried" on the last day of the year, and you don't qualify for a ...
Claiming Personal Exemptions on Federal Income Taxes - About.com
Individuals are entitled to claim a personal exemption for themselves and any dependents they support. The personal exemption acts just like a tax deduction: it  ...
How to Claim the Child Tax Credit - Financial Planning - About.com
You may also be able to claim foster children if they were placed with you by a ... live with you for more than half the year in which you're trying to claim the credit.
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