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Cavalia, an Unbridled Affair — Not To Be Missed - Horse Racing
Jun 23, 2004 ... Cavalia is a new show featuring human and equine performers that is now touring North America to sold out audiences. Here is a description of ...
Creating the World of 'Cavalia' Onstage - Performing Arts - About.com
An interview with Cavalia creator and Artistic Director Normand Latourelle about the creation, staging, production, and challenges of the show.
Book Review: Cavalia a Dream of Freedom - Performing Arts - About ...
I interviewed Cavalia founder Normand Latourelle recently, and his enthusiasm for horses and for the show he created to honor them, Cavalia, was truly ...
Gallop to Freedom - Training Horses with the Founding Stars of ...
This has become one of my favorite horse books. Gallop to Freedom: Training Horses with the Founding Stars of Cavalia by About.com Horses Guide Katherine  ...
Cavalia - Unique Horse Performance - Family Vacations - About.com
Like “Cirque du Soleil” and “Blue Man Group”, Cavalia is a performance spectacle that can't be described; but I'll bet that soon enough “Cavalia” will become a ...
Staging the World of 'Cavalia' - Performing Arts - About.com
A visual look at the stunning world designed by 'Cavalia' creator Normand Latourelle, along with Director and Visual Designer Erick Villeneuve.
Cavalia Odysseo in Atlanta - Cavalia Atlanta - About.com
Cavalia Odysseo is one of the most unique and breathtaking live shows in Atlanta. It features both human performers and horses coming together to tell a ...
Cavalia - Photos of Unique Show Featuring Horses and Human ...
The human cast of Cavalia includes talented acrobats who perform feats on horseback and off -- such as the amazing defiance of gravity above. The 2011 tour ...
Cavalia's Odysseo - Equestrian and Performing Arts Extravaganza
Cavalia's Odysseo is a theatrical production that combines the equestrian arts, stage arts and high-tech theatrical effects, see photos of Cavalia's Odysseo.
Cavalia: Grande Liberté, Sylvia Zembini
A breath-taking, and moving, part of the show is the "liberty work" performed by Sylvia Zerbini, with horses unbridled and free. Sylvia Zerbini, born into the 9th ...
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