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Adoption - About.com Main Resource Page
Adoption and foster care information including; gay adoption, international adoption, domestic adoption and foster / adoptive parenting. Free adoption search ...
Adoption in Islam - About.com Islam
Is adopting a child possible under Islamic law? Learn more of what Islam teaches about orphans, foster parenting, and adoption.
Is Adopting a Child Right for You and Your Family
When deciding whether adopting a baby or child is right, there are many questions to resolve. Consider these common issues before you answer the big one, ...
Adoption Poems Written By and For Adoptive Parents
Adoption poems sent in by readers of About Adoption & Foster Care. Some have been written by adoptive parents, adoptees or by birth family. If you have an ...
The Child Adoption Process - Resources and Guides
Are you wondering if adoption is right for your family? Are you considering placing your child for adoption or seeking out an adult child placed many years ago?
How to Complete an Adoption From Foster Care
Many adoptive parents choose foster care adoption. This is a great way to help the thousands of children who wait in foster care for years.
Same-Sex Couple Adoption - Gay Life - About.com
Gay adoption is one of two ways same-sex couples can have children. Along with surrogacy, adoption is a viable option for gays looking to expand their families.
Pros and Cons of Domestic and International Adoption
Deciding between an international adoption or a domestic adoption is a big decision. What are the pros and cons of an international or a domestic adoption?
Choosing to Adopt a Child - Adoption/Foster Care - About.com
It seems when it comes to the subject of adoption, the discussion begins with more questions than answers. Let's list out the most common questions asked ...
Parent - Am I Ready to Be a Parent Through Adoption?
Adoption is the permanent addition of a baby, toddler, or older child to your family . This means you are that child's legal, forever parent, as if you gave birth to the ...
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