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Product Summary
The Perfect Ride
by Gary Stevens with Mervyn Kaufman

Guide Rating -  
Pros  •  a very thorough, candid look at Stevens' career from the beginning to the present
•  insights on some of the famous horses and trainers Stevens has teamed with to victory, and some of the great jockeys he competed against and learned from
•  Stevens does not shy away from the controversial topics of the declining quality of the sport and race day medications, giving his personal opinions on these
•  In a chapter dedicated to his tour of duty in England, he gives the uninitiated a quick lesson on the nuances of European race riding as compared to American
Cons  •  the book seemed disjointed at times as there was much jumping between past and present
The Bottom Line - You get not only a taste of what it's like to be a jockey, but insights on some of the best horses and trainers of the past twenty years.

Product Description
 Stevens demonstrates that "there's no such thing as a perfect ride", although he mentions several of his that are close to it. He describes some of his more memorable rides in great detail, from the start, through the running complete with bumping and bobbles, and ultimately, the final push for the finish with his mount's nose in front.  
Guide Review
The Perfect Ride
By Gary Stevens with Mervyn Kaufman

Jockey Gary Stevens has been a household name in the sport of Thoroughbred racing ever since he broke into the spotlight in the mid 1980's. He has demonstrated his skill all over the world, in North America, Japan, Hong Kong, Europe, and Dubai. Finally, he gets to tell his story.

Apparently the "glamorous" life of a top-caliber jockey isn't so glamorous, as Stevens candidly reveals. He has to constantly fight to keep his weight down, he was seriously injured numerous times in his career requiring reconstructive surgery, and did briefly retire because the pain had gotten too great for him to ignore. Beyond the problems typical to many jockeys, he also suffered a near-bankruptcy at the hands of his business manager, a messy divorce from his first wife keeping him away from his children and further draining his resources, and the grief of the death of his friend Chris Antley.

Stevens (with co-author Mervyn Kaufman) avoided a monotonous chronological narrative. Instead, they dedicate each chapter to some aspect of his career: one all about Point Given, another about his tour of duty in Hong Kong, yet another about trainers. As you work your way through the book, you get a clearer picture of what he went through all those years. The book is an easy read and is recommended for all fans of racing.

Enter now to win a copy of The Perfect Ride courtesy of Frank R. Scatoni of Venture Literary.

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