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Vote For Your Year End Favorites

Dateline: 12/06/98

Here is your chance to voice your opinion on the year end championships. I have listed the top candidates for each Eclipse Award category but if a horse is not listed which you would like to vote for, please e-mail me at horseracing@aboutguide.com to have him/her added to the form. Note that if you prefer to vote for the Harness Racing championships, I have a separate poll available.

This poll will run through the end of the year so if you change your mind, feel free to come back and vote again but please try to refrain from stuffing the ballot box for your favorite. :-)  Please note that a blank vote is the same as abstaining from that category.

Best older male?

Best older female?

Best 3YO male?

Best 3YO female?

Best turf male?

Best turf female?

Best sprinter?

Best 2YO male?

Best 2YO female?

Horse of the Year?

FYI - the software for compiling the votes resides on www.ok88.com which is beyond my control. If it is down when you try to vote or check totals, please try back later.

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