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Dateline: 11/05/98

Thursday morning I spent several hours on the backside watching the workouts and visiting barns. The weather was beautiful and clear but the temperature was VERY cold. Large crowds of media people streamed in and out of the press center for coffee and hot chocolate to try and fend off the chill. Everywhere you turned was someone famous and the horses were absolutely gorgeous. I also walked out to the turf course to watch the turf works and the course is VERY firm. No rain is expected before the races so it should stay that way.

I took lots of photos so here are a few to give you a quick look at what was happening.

Skip Away enjoying a bit of hay.

D. Wayne Lukas watches the workouts from the chute.

Lemon Drop Kid looked very good this morning.

Desert Prince was VERY impressive looking.

A.P. Assay looked gorgeous and very well muscled.

Leggera worked with Jerry Baily up but the firm turf will probably not be to her liking. She loves it very soft.

Tap To Music was gorgeous and very friendly.

Bonapartiste was really gorgeous, but then I am partial to the grays.

Da Hoss only looked OK. Comparing him to Desert Prince he looked awful.

For lots more info on this year's Breeders' Cup, check my Breeders' Cup Special page with links to analysis, future book odds, and more. Don't forget to cast your vote for the Breeders' Cup favorites, just updated with the pre-entries.

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