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Sinndar and jockey John Murtagh parade after winning the 2000 Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe
Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe Winner's Celebration

Date: 10/01/00

The Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe is Europe's most important race, and you would expect some pomp beyond that already observed. Sinndar (along with the rest of the field) was brought back to the walking ring for unsaddling and photos and ultimately was brought back to the stables, but instead of using the regular stage in the ring, a special stage was towed onto the track to the finish line area by a team of four draft horses. The Irish and Welsh Guards and the French Republican Guard (on horseback) paraded out to the course and flanked the stage. Sinndar's owner the Aga Khan, trainer John Oxx, and jockey Johnny Murtagh were brought to the stage from the walking ring by three horse drawn carriages. After being presented with their trophies, the Irish Guard played the Irish national anthem, reflecting Sinndar's connections (Irish bred, trained, and ridden). After posing with their trophies for the many photographers, they were led by officials and security through the crowd and into the VIP lounge for the official winner's party.

Sinndar in the winner's enclosure section of the rond de présentation with a huge crowd around him.

While Sinndar was in the winner's enclosure, a team of four draft horses pulled the stage to a point opposite the finish line.

Setting up the stage.

A team of four brown horses pulled the carriage with owner the Aga Khan to the presentation stage.

A team of two black horses pulled the carriage with trainer John Oxx to the presentation stage.

A team of two white horses pulled the carriage with jockey John Murtagh to the presentation stage. Notice the Irish flag draped on the back of the carriage.

The tableau of the French Republican Guard and Irish and Welsh Guards flanking the presentation stage on the racecourse.

Trainer John Oxx, jockey John Murtagh, and owner the Aga Khan on the platform with their trophies.

The ceremonies took so long that poor John Murtagh had to run back up the course to get changed to ride Petrushka in the next race.

Earlier in the day the Irish and Welsh Guards paraded and played on the course then returned for the winner's ceremony.

The French Republican Guard also paraded on the course and did formations earlier in the day before returning for the winner's ceremony.

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Photos by Terence Dulay and Cindy Pierson.

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