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[Smoking horse] Dateline: 09/11/97

Smoking at the Track/OTB Poll Results

Last week, I asked for your opinions about smoking at the track or OTB. As expected, there were some very passionate feelings on this issue from both the smoking and non-smoking camps. There were 66 people who responded to the poll. Here is a breakdown of the answers:


Never smoked 39%
Former smoker 38%
Light cigar smoker 0%
Light cigarette smoker 9%
Light pipe smoker 2%
Heavy cigar smoker 0%
Heavy cigarette smoker 8%
Heavy pipe smoker 0%
Other 5%

Smoke Problems?

None 41%
Asthma 5%
Allergy 9%
Other breathing problem 0%
Former smoker, can't stand it now 15%
Just don't like smoke 21%
Other 9%

Should tracks/OTBs provide a non-smoking area?

Yes 95%
No 5%
No opinion 0%

Does the track/OTB you attend most often provide a non-smoking area?

Yes 61%
No 26%
Don't know 12%

Should the entire track/OTBs be made non-smoking?

Yes 33%
No 61%
No opinion 5%

Should tracks/OTBs be allowed to sell cigars and/or cigarettes?

Yes 61%
No 30%
No opinion 9%

The respondants were from tracks all over the country. You may view a list of all the locations here. There were some very strong opinions expressed by some people. If you want to read a sampling of them, check here.

This issue is a very sensitive one to most people. My personal feeling is that a truly smoke free area should be provided to those who want or need one. Currently many of the so-called non-smoking areas are not separated at all from the smoking areas so the entire space is filled with smoke. This is not so bad at tracks open to the air or with very large stands, but the small, enclosed tracks can sometimes look like a fog bank has decended because the ventilation is so bad, even though the number of people smoking isn't that high.

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