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Belmont Weather Forecasts

As the big day approaches, everyone starts to wonder what the weather will be like on October 29th in New York. Here is a collection of various weather resources you can check and try to come to a consensus as to just what the weather will be like. You may also want to check out the latest Breeders' Cup contenders.

Click for Elmont, New York Forecast

Climate Info for New York
Average and record high and low temperatures plus sunrise/sunset info.

Current Weather Radar
Also has a nice radar animation so you can see which way the rain is moving.

Weather Channel
10 day advance forecast and local conditions.

7 day forecast or click a link after the 7th day and get a 15 day forecast. This service supplies weather info to most of the newspapers.

10 day forecast and local conditions.

Lycos Weather
7 day forecast and local conditions.

Weather Underground
Nice service with a 5 day advance forecast and a searchable archive of daily weather conditions for the past 6 years.

5 day forecast and local conditions.

USA Today Weather
5 day forecast, local conditions, radar, and satellite images.

5 day forecast and local conditions.

WxUSA WeatherHub
5 day forecast and weather maps.

Weather Post
4 day advance forecast, weather radar, UV index, and local conditions.

Yahoo Weather
4 day forecast and local conditions.

The Weather Network
4 day forecast and local conditions.

2005 Breeders' Cup Contenders
Breeders' Cup Links

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