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About Today

Dateline: 09/10/99

Today I am introducing a new daily racing information page called About Today. This page includes the daily photo and history items from the Horse of the Day page but adds much more. You will find links to the entries, results, changes, live odds, and workouts for today plus links to the newsfeeds from the wire service at Fox Sports for each day of the week. I will also include a link to the live webcasts from the tracks and the free picks section. Below these items you will find weather for any city and selected links from my site like the chat room or the forum plus the current racing poll.

I hope you will find this page useful as you follow the daily racing action. If you think of any items I should add to this page, please let me know. For those of you who like the current Horse of the Day page, I will keep it up as well but the photos on both pages will be the same.

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