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Holiday Valley Ski Resort

The Travers

Dateline: 08/27/98

More Saratoga coverage:

The post position draw for the Travers was today and there was a surprise entry from Elliott Walden of Sheila's Flag. He isn't admitting this is a rabbit for Victory Gallop to try and tire out Coronado's Quest, but that is pretty much what the consensus opinion was.

17Victory GallopElliott WaldenAlex Solis7-5
1A8Sheila's FlagElliott WaldenEibar Coa7-5
21Grand SlamD. Wayne LukasJerry Bailey6-1
32Dice DancerH. Allen JerkensJ.L. Samyn12-1
43Coronado's QuestShug McGaugheyMike Smith8-5
54Archers BayTodd PletcherPat Day10-1
65Deputy DiamondScotty SchulhoferJose Santos15-1
76Raffie's MajestyH. James BondJorge Chavez12-1

Travers Links:

As you may already know, I am at Saratoga for the weekend and of course I am taking lots of photos. Here are a few from my digital camera to hold you until I get home and get my film developed. Also check here for photos from Friday and the Personal Ensign Handicap.

Coronado's Quest grazes in the paddock behind Shug's barn. As you can see I was very close to him and even got to pat him on the neck and rub his nose. Contrary to his behavoir on the track at times, he was very well behaved and gentle.

A horse steams from his morning work while getting his bath in the barn area by the Oklahoma training track.

The statue of Sea Hero in the Saratoga paddock

The Man O'War cup, the traditional Travers trophy. They drew the names from this in the post position draw.

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