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Chris Antley Tribute

Dateline: 06/10/01

At the Garden City Hotel, visitors, jockeys and officials from The New York Racing Association, the Village of Garden City and the Garden City Hotel paid tribute to the late jockey Chris Antley. Antley was a Garden City resident for many years and won the Kentucky Derby twice in his remarkable career. Photographer Tina Hines was on hand and captured the moment for us.

Natalie Antley, Chris' widow. Yes she has kept his last name. According to her: "Annie (his step-mother) does go by Antley, as do I and Violet. Who wouldn't use that name if given the chance???"

Their daughter, Violet Grace Antley.

His step-mother Annie Antley, who raised him

His real mother Michelle Antley.

Gary Stevens addressing those gathered to remember Chris.

Gary and Natalie

Natalie and Terry Meyocks of NYRA are presented plaques memorializing Chris who was a long term resident of Garden City, NY.

For more about the life and death of Chris Antley, check here

Photos courtesy of Tina Hines except the portrait of Chris which is by Cindy Pierson.

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