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Charismatic Update

Dateline: 06/06/99

Here is a series of photos showing the sequence of events during Charismatic's surgery today at Belmont. The surgery appears to have been a success with the condylar fracture repaired with 4 screws to stabilize the bone. Dr. Selway was pleased with the operation and seemed hopeful for a full recovery. He said Charismatic was a very intelligent horse and a great patient which makes his chances for recovery even better. The decision to retire Charismatic was made prior to surgery so he will not race again regardless of how complete his recovery may be. When asked about Charismatic's soundness prior to the race, Dr. Selway said "This is definitely a sound racehorse injury and not a sore horse in any way."

Charismatic is led from his stall at 11am Sunday to get in the equine ambulance.

Charismatic going into the ambulance.

Charismatic in the ambulance as he departs for the clinic.

Charismatic looks out of the ambulance after arriving at the clinic.

Charismatic has his mouth syringed clean with water prior to surgery.

Charismatic just prior to entering the clinic for surgery.

The before surgery side view x-ray of the fractures (left). The post surgery front view x-ray of the repaired fracture (right).

Dr. Stephen Selway performed the surgery on Charismatic at his clinic on the Belmont Park backside.

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