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Fusaichi Pegasus

Dateline: 05/06/00

Fusaichi Pegasus' Japanese owner, Fusao Sekiguchi, gave this year's Derby a more international flavor than usual. He brought three geisha girls who were in the full make up and kimono and they performed a traditional Japanese dance for us at the Derby media party.

For those who don't know yet, his name is pronounced Foo-sah-EE-chee Pegasus. The first part is from his owner's name, Fusao, combined with the Japanese word for one, ichi, to mean #1 or the best. The second half is the winged horse of Greek mythology. He has certainly lived up to both halves of the name so far.

Here is a photo gallery of both Fusaichi Pegasus and his connections for your enjoyment.

Left: Fusaichi Pegasus walking over from the barn to the paddock prior to the Derby.
Right: In the post parade with jocky Kent Desormeaux up.

Left: A close-up of Kent and Fusaichi Pegasus.
Right: Winning the Derby! (courtesy of Tina Hines)

Left: Just past the finish line. (courtesy of Tina Hines)
Right: Being led around on the turf course prior to entering the winner's circle.

Left: Close up of him after the race.
Right: The actual trophy his owner received.

Heading into the winner's circle. You can see the geisha girls in the front of the picture.

Left: Fusaichi Pegasus with the roses in the winner's circle.
Right: Heading back to the barn after the race.

Fusaichi Pegasus' owner Fusao Sekiguchi being presented the trophy by the governor of Kentucky.

Two of the geisha girls at the Derby media party Thursday night. Below are a couple of photos of the dance they performed later in the evening.

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