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Cloning Cigar?

Dateline: 03/13/97

[Cigar at the Pacific Classic] It was report in several news sources today that Alan Paulson, the owner of two time Horse of the Year Cigar, plans to clone the apparently sterile champion. Since such readily accepted practices for other breeds as artificial insemination and embryo transfer make a horse ineligible to be registered with the Jockey Club as a thoroughbred, it is highly unlikely that a clone could be registered. This would mean no racing and no breeding since the foals could not be registered, so you have to wonder what Mr. Paulson plans to do with his cloned Cigar. Perhaps it's all a hoax or taken out of context as reported in the Blood Horse, but with reports in the New York Post, CNN, and USA Today, you have to wonder if there is a grain of truth there somewhere.

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