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A Bizarre Match Race

Dateline: 03/01/98

At Rillito Downs in Tucson, Arizona, today there was a bizarre match race. A 5 year old Quarter Horse mare named Stay or Go trained by Clyde England and ridden by jockey Anna Barrio ran a match race against a motorcycle. The motocycle broke from the 9 hole and Stay or Go broke from the 2 hole. The motorcycle got off to a quick start but Stay or Go stumbled at the break, losing all chance of victory. She still managed to make it a close finish despite the bad start.

Last weekend they had a match race between a car and another Quarter Horse named One Slick Loom. That day it was the horse who won. It was suggested that they bring back the winner of each race to compete next weekend. If they don't do that it will likely be a match between a mule and an Arabian horse. Ah, the joys of podunk track racing!

Doesn't really show up well, but this is a view down the stretch from the finish line. You can see the motorcycle's headlight in the 9 hole.

A shot of the finish of the race. You can see he didn't beat her by much.

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