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Miscellaneous Racing Clip-art

I have done a lot of racing photos, icons, backgrounds, and even some animations, that have shown up all over the net. Not everyone has asked before using them and almost none are credited. The items below are ones I created and while I don't mind you using them, I would appreciate a credit and a link back to my page if you do. You can e-mail me at horseracing@aboutguide.com.

Please do not link direct to the images here, right click on the image (click and hold for Mac people) to download the image you want to use.

This page only has miscellaneous clip-art. If you are looking for something topical or for a background, here are my other clip-art and background pages:

For clip-art on other subjects, check Bobbie Peachey's Web Clip Art page.

Clip Art

If you want a button to use to link back to my pages, please use one of these:

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