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I drove up to Kentucky for the Jim Beam and was there early Saturday on the backside to visit a friend's horses that are stabled there. Afterwards, we went to the track kitchen to get some breakfast and noticed the TVs there were out. Shortly, we overheard someone talking on a cell phone saying the races for the day had been cancelled. "No way!" we thought, but when we investigated, we found out it was true! What happened was the high winds in the area had blown down 3 power poles by the grandstand knocking out power, satellite links, the tote system, and the phone system. There was no way to get it fixed in time for the races so they had no choice but to cancel. Below are some photos of the downed poles with the VIP tent and grandstand in the background. The track got permission from the Kentucky Racing Commission to reschedule the same card for Sunday instead. I checked back by around 3pm and they were putting up new poles then so I think they will be ready.

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