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Book Review: 'Winning Black Jockeys in the Kentucky Derby'

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating


Black Winning Jockeys in the Kentucky Derby

Black Winning Jockeys in the Kentucky De

McFarland & Company, Inc. Publishers

The Bottom Line

This is an excellent work for racing fans, especially those with a strong interest in the history of the Kentucky Derby and of American racing in the late 1800's and early 1900's.
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  • Interesting details and exhaustive research
  • Lots of information despite the small size


  • Won't appeal to all fans


  • Black athletes are the norm in today's world of professional sports, except in horse racing.
  • In the past, black jockeys and trainers appeared at tracks across North America.
  • Twelve black men were the winning riders in sixteen early runnings of the Kentucky Derby,
  • The authors educate racing fans on these remarkable athletes accomplishments and adversities.faced.

Guide Review - Book Review: 'Winning Black Jockeys in the Kentucky Derby'

The authors dedicated one chapter to each Derby-winning black jockey, in chronological order, starting with inaugural Derby winner Oliver Lewis and ending with 1901 and 1902 winner James Winkfield. In each case the reader gets a brief biography and then an account of his racing career leading up to his Derby. Next is a detailed narrative of their Derby with a photograph of the jockey, followed details of thier post-Derby career. An appendix lists black trainers and owners who have participated in the Run for the Roses as well as the black winning jockeys.
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