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The Story of Smarty Jones


Smarty Jones

Smarty Jones winner of the Southwest Stakes at Oaklawn.

Oaklawn Jockey Club

Roy and Patricia Chapman, owners of Someday Farm in New Hope, Pennsylvania, began breeding and racing horses in the late 1980's. Mr. Chapman also owns a string of automobile dealerships, known as the Chapman Auto Group. The Chapmans won the 1989 Maryland Hunt Cup with Uncle Merlin, the first steeplechase horse they owned. Uncle Merlin also led the 1990 Grand National at Aintree, England, for much of the race until his jockey fell off at one of the final jumps. After the Derby, Roy Chapman admitted that he and his wife had received several offers to purchase Smarty Jones in the days leading up to the Kentucky Derby. "I don't think this horse has ever got the respect he was really due," said Roy Chapman. "We've had a lot of offers and I've got the feeling we're going to get a couple of more now. I think the price might have just gone up a little bit."

Asked how the farm's name came to be, Patricia Chapman said, "We thought about it for weeks after we moved in and we talked about all of the things we were going to do there some day, 'Some day, some day...' We were trying to tie a name in with the circle and the 'C' on the circle and nothing would work. Some day we were going to do this and some day we were going to do that. And my husband said, 'I think we ought to call it Someday Farm,' so we did."

Smarty Jones' jockey Stewart Elliott has won over 3,300 races, but until the Derby few outside Philadelphia had heard of him. He is the first Canadian-born jockey to win the Derby since Ron Turcotte aboard Secretariat in 1973. Born in Toronto, he left at the age of seven with his father, former jockey Dennis Elliott, for Hong Kong where Dennis rode for six years. Stewart began his career at the age of 16 at Philadelphia, but did "come home" to ride at Woodbine in 1987 winning 22 races. In his career he has competed at tracks in Pennsylvania, Florida, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, but the Kentucky Derby was his first start at Churchill Downs. In the mid 1990's, he struggled with weight problems and quit riding for 1 1/2 years, remaining in the sport by galloping horses in the mornings, but decided he missed the competition. He said, "As I started getting a few years older, my body wanted to grow and then I struggled with it. But after taking some time off, I knew that I wanted it back, and I just tried to dedicate myself and work hard at staying light. Things have worked out." Of the racetrack life, with a jockey father and a show-horse rider mother, he said, "I don't know nothing else. This is it for me."

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