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Place a Bet


At most tracks, the minimum wager is $2. You are wagering against all the other people at the track. If you win, someone else loses. The track makes money by keeping a percentage from each wager.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 5 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Pick your winner. You wager by the number of the horse and not the name, so be sure to check the program and get his official number.
  2. Pick your wager. There are many different wagers offered from track to track. The easiest wager to cash in on: a show bet. This means that if the horse you select finishes at least third you win!
  3. Pick the amount you want to wager. Since this is aimed at beginners, you should probably stick with the minimum of $2.
  4. Go to the window to place your bet. Most tracks will have a beginner's window so you may want to use that. Make sure you don't get in the $50 minimum line by mistake!
  5. Tell the teller the track name you want to wager on and the race number. Most tracks will be taking bets on several locations via satellite feed so make sure you tell them which you want.
  6. Tell the teller how much you wish to wager.
  7. Tell the teller what type of bet you selected in #2 above.
  8. Tell the teller the horse's betting number.
  9. Get your ticket from the teller.
  10. Make sure your ticket is correct before you leave the window.
  11. Watch the race and see if you win!


  1. Always have your bets and money ready when you go to the window so you don't hold up the line.
  2. Write down your wagers, perhaps in your program, before you go bet. That way you don't get confused and forget your horses's number. This helps you keep a record of how much you wagered for the day.
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