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Cindy Pierson Dulay

How to contact the About.com Horse Racing Guide

By Cindy Pierson Dulay

    Many readers think that each site is managed by a team, however, with a few exceptions, About Guidesites are the product of the work of one single individual, the Guide. Because writing and managing this website is extremely time-consuming, I may take a while to get to individual questions. Please read this document in its entirety before mailing me in case it helps you find your answer on your own.

    If you are a newcomer to horse racing, I have an excellent section on the basics to help beginners learn all about racing. Start there and you should be less confused in no time.

    There is a very active forum on this site and posting your question there is quite likely to get you a quick answer from a variety of people. It is also moderated and I will be notified if there are any questions or comments there that I need to address personally.

    I have included several frequently asked questions below, so check there to see if your answer is there.

    Like all the Guides at About.com, I'm a real person. If you can't find your answer elsewhere, you can email me at horseracing@aboutguide.com.

    Where can I get free past performances online?
    There are a few trainers and owners who provide free past performances for the races their horses are in, but unless the race you want is one of those you will have to pay for past performances. Most places normally charge $1 to $2 per card for past performances. You can find sources for free and paid past performances here.
    Where can I get the race record for a particular horse for free?
    You can't. There are several places that will sell you that, but nobody has it free. Try BRIS and EquineLine.
    How can I find the name of a horse if I have his tattoo number?
    The Jockey Club now has a free tattoo search service online here. You can find the year a horse was born from this chart.
    Where can I find race results?
    You can check my entries and results page for several sources if the race was within the last few weeks. For races older than that, Equibase has an archive of charts going back to 1990.
    How can I adopt a horse from the track?
    Almost every race track has one or more local organization that help retired horses find new homes. Start by contacting your local track to see who they recommend. You can also check here for several organizations that handle adoptions of former race horses.
    Where can I find a schedule of racing dates for North American tracks?
    Check here for a list of tracks and racing dates.
    How can I find where a specific horse, jockey, or trainer is racing now?
    Equibase has an "in today" list for all North American tracks which lists all horses, trainers, and jockeys racing in the next three days. Keep an eye on that list to find who you are looking for.
    Where can I find handicapping tips or strategies?
    Try checking the links in my betting section or the handicapping resources section. Please don't ask for my personal wagering strategies or tips as I don't consider myself more than a recreational handicapper and would prefer to send you to professionals.
    How much is my Kentucky Derby glass worth?
    Check here for a price guide online or here for more collecting info.

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